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Proper Way to Swing a Golf Club – Simple Keys to the Golf Swing

What is the proper way to swing a golf club? Well there is a big difference between a hacker and a golfer. A hacker uses their arms and hands to swing at the golf ball while the golfer uses their entire body to generate a swing that moves through the ball. The big difference is at the ball versus through. Let’s look at a few basic other keys of the proper way to swing a golf club.

Change the Way You Putt

Innovation and creativity are the keys to success in many industries. They’re also the keys to success in golf. Take the case of Stan Utley, professional golf’s newest guru. His innovative approach to the short game is transforming the way some PGA golfers chip and putt. In fact, at least three of golf’s top players-Jay Haas, Peter Jacobson, and Darren Clarke- are all Utley clients. So is Rocco Mediate, five-time PGA Tour Winner.

Searching For the Perfect Stroke

If you’re taking golf lessons to perfect you’re putting stroke, be careful. Trying to develop the perfect putting stroke may hurt your efforts. At least, that’s the conclusion of two researchers-a German neuroscientist and an American golf instructor.

Mastering Impact With Your Clubs

Nothing matters more than impact-especially when hitting an iron. It’s the moment of truth. If the clubface isn’t square at impact, you’ll not only mis-hit the ball, you’ll short-circuit power. It’s one of the most damaging of power leaks. If the clubface is square at impact, you’ll hit it long and straight. That’s what separates players with low golf handicaps from those with high golf handicaps.

A Golf Lesson on Beating Tiger Woods

Ben Hogan scoffed at the idea. Jack Nicklaus spurned it. Gary player scorned it. Among the game’s most respected legends, they disdained the idea of using a sports psychologist or a mental coach to help them win. Instead, these players preferred to retain the stubborn independence that drove them to succeed.

Golf Tips From the Pros

When weekend golfers watch the pros hit unbelievable shots their amazed. The typical reaction is often “How do they do that?” It’s not magic. It’s solid fundamentals, plus hours and hours of practice and constant attention to their swings. Or course, the fact that most of the pros have been honing their swings since they were kids doesn’t hurt either.

Beating the Top Five Swing Flaws

A good first step to achieving a low golf handicap is perfecting your swing. A flawless swing exudes power and rhythm. That’s why smart golfers take golf lessons and read golf tips-to root out their swing flaws.

Attacking Wide Holes Can Cost You

Most golfers like playing on wide holes. They feel much less pressure because they don’t have to be as accurate. Unlike narrow holes, which often demand pinpoint accuracy, wide holes allow for mistakes.

Golf Swing Hints That Greatly Benefit Every Golfer

Fitness training and free golf swing hints can greatly benefit many golfers of any age when looking to improve their skills on the course. Many times golfers will neglect the physical aspects relative to the execution of a good golf swing. In turn, rather than develop the physical demands of the swing and the use some golf swing hints, the golfer will spend a large amount of time practicing and money on golf lessons with little or no improvement what so ever.

Can Training For Golf Help Your Game?

So you are in your 50’s, play golf once or twice a month, and you are disappointed with your game. You don’t have the time, energy, or money to play more often than that, so how can you improve your game? Most golfers try to sharpen their skills by going to the driving range, spending hours with their driver and buckets of balls. Although this may in fact help your drive, it won’t help any other part of your game.

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