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Tips to Reduce Golfing Handicap Rapidly

There are a lot of great things about the game of golf and it is definitely worth learning. Find out some useful tips to help you in reducing your golfing handicap quickly and easily.

How to Improve My Golf Swing – Golf Beginner Tips

Yes, we know – maybe your golf swing leaves a little to be desired, and you want to do something about it. Right? Well, we’re here to help your golf swing, and we can do that.

Brand Name Verses Not So Brand Name – What Should You Choose for Your Golf and Corporate Apparel?

Most everyone for years now has been Brand Name conscious for everything from clothing, to perfume, to jewelry, you name it. In these hard economic times brand names maybe a thing of the past. Keeping money in your pocket is what’s on everyone’s mind right now.

Get Top Performance From Mizuno’s JPX800 Irons – Both 800 and 800 Pro Models Available

The golf equipment manufacturer Mizuno have a well established track record for delivering really great golf irons. The Mizuno JPX800 clubs follow in this tradition.

Bradley Tops Dufner In Epic Finish At PGA Championship

Although the leaderboard was clustered with little-known professionals heading into the final round of the 2011 PGA Championship at Atlanta Athletic Club, the finish was nothing short of world-class. Alabama resident Jason Dufner hovered near the top of the pack all tournament and peaked toward the middle of the fourth round. After fellow American Keegan Bradley misjudged a bunker shot and rolled his Srixon ball into the pond surrounding the right side of the 14th green, Dufner held a five stroke lead as he stood onto the 14th tee.

Takeaway in the Golf Swing

The takeaway in the golf swing is extremely important. It is also very confusing to many amateur players.

How to Drive a Golf Ball Further

It is always embarrassing when your son out drives you, or you are always first up to hit the second shot in your group. Wouldn’t it be more of a psychological boost if you could out drive anyone on the course? Learn how to drive the ball farther with these easy techniques.

Five Clever Ways to Save Money on Golf

Golf is often seen as a sport for the rich; however this doesn’t have to be true. If you are on a small budget, you can still enjoy playing this fun game.

10 Important Reasons Why Golfing Is Good for Your Health!

You probably already know that golf is a lot of fun, but did you know that it is actually really good for your health as well? Most people don’t consider golf a very strenuous sport, and are surprised when they realize how good it actually is for the body.

Why La Quinta California Is The Best Place To Live For Golf

Readers of the famous Robb Report which is considered to be “the” international authority on luxury and the luxury lifestyle, may already know that the editors of the publication consider La Quinta a preeminent golf destination, but have also selected it as one of the smartest places to choose to live if golfing is a major part of your life. In fact, the magazine tagged it as the “Best Place to Live for Golfing,” which inspired the equally popular Forbes Traveler Magazine to do the same! Why did they come to the conclusion that La Quinta California is the best place to live for golf?

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