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How to Avoid the Slice

Thinking that golf was an easy sport where you just hit the ball around a field, trying to get it into a series of holes, you are definitely wrong. It requires physical, mental, analytical and psychological training in order to be successful. To begin with, you will need the proper golf swing to get you into that fairway. Don’t expect that to happen to you too easily though.

Why the Pro’s Use Golf Pride Golf Grips

Golf Pride Golf Grips are by far the most superior grip on tour. Not only does golf Pride sponsor these Professionals, but they use the grips for a few important attributes.

Golf Instruction – How to Improve Your Swing Power

Pop quiz–what does any golfer know about succeeding in the world of golf? The answer is pretty simple. Deliver a great swing each and every time. For beginners, this is a very crucial.

Golf and Its Secret Inner Game

Golf is one of the most intriguing games ever invented and ever played. With golf, there is no such thing as a sure thing, and no matter how much time you spend practicing and mastering your game, you will still feel jittery if you are too self-conscious while playing it.

How to Build a Better Golf Swing

Do you think that Tiger Woods became the world-class elite golf player by just hitting the ball as hard as he can? Here’s a newsflash. The game is called golf–not “Whack the ball.” Golf is one of the most challenging sports that anyone has created.

Golf and Your Unconscious Mind

If you are playing golf or taking up golf for the purpose of competition, then you must know that when you enter a tournament, you don’t fight for the title of the strongest or the fastest or the most unique. You fight for the best, the most focused, and the most precise.

It is Not That Difficult, the Simple Golf Swing

If you over think the game of golf it can be a very difficult sport. The simple golf swing frustrates millions of duffer´s every day. It would be astronomical to think about how much money golf fanatics spend annually on golf tips, simple golf swing eBooks, magazines, lessons etc. In this article we will look at the mechanics of the golf swing and discuss some important things to know.

What is a Putting Green in Golf?

If you are a beginning golfer, it is useful to understand the basic layouts of the golf course. The major components of a typical golf course include the tee box, the golf fairway, rough, fairway and green side sand bunkers, hazard areas, and finally the putting green that contains a flag stick inserted into the cup. This cup is the target destination for the ball on a particular hole.

Beginner Golf Clubs (Price and Resale Value)

When it comes to buying beginner golf clubs, you should consider three top factors: playability, status and cool factor, and price/resale value. Whether you are buying Adams, Callaway, Mizuno, Cleveland, Nike, Cobra, Titleist, TaylorMade, secondary brand names or clones these consideration are important.

Golf Tee Times At Fabulous California Courses And Clubs

For golf tee times, California residents have a lot of options. There are a huge offering of both public and private golf courses that provide tee times from early morning into the evening hours for your convenience. The fastest way to determine golf times is to visit your favorite golf course websites, or even better, stop by a golf course website hub, where courses located all over the country have been gathered together in one place, making the search for times even easier.

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