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Golf & Training – The Way to Get Better

Golf & training go hand in hand. They didn’t in the past, but they do now. If you look at footage of old golf tournaments, you will see the evolution of the bodies of golfers. Once overweight and paunchy, smoking and drinking, they are now svelte, strong, and lean.

Want to Know the Best Golf Putting Tip?

Learning to putt correctly can be of a great advantage for those who new to the sport and those who golf on a regular basis. Putting should be practiced consistently in order to perfect the technique eventually. If you read and practice each golf putting tip listed below, the tips might go a long way in improving your putting skills:

Choosing Golf Clubs – Are Callaways the Best Golf Clubs?

If you have ever been in the golf sports or you are to engage in the sport callaway golf products are the best to use. Ranging from clubs to golf apparels callaway provides the best range of products to suit any user at any level of professionalism in the sport. Ranging from the beginners to professionals, short and tall players callaway has modeled clubs that suit every user.

Taylor Made Nubbins B9’s

I read many positive reviews of the 320 Driver and thought that so many devotees of the product could not possibly be wrong. I bought a 7.0* S-90 shaft 320 brand new in November for $75. I played with it for the first time today at my local course. It was a wet, cool, spring day with temps. in the low 50’s. (plugged lies with no roll). This was my first round of the season and I was swinging close to average which is as much as could be expected after 5 months of winter.

The Proper Way to Swing a Golf Club – Learn the Golf Swing Sequence

A good friend said to me last week “Show me a proper golf swing!”. Well, as you know the proper golf swing sequence is the most important part of your golfing. You can slice the ball and did not even know what was wrong with your swing. Maybe the only player who has the perfect golf swing is Tiger Woods. But even this legend is slicing and shooting a poor distance.

3 Sure Fire Golf Swing Instructions to Maximize Your Power and Distance

What is the proper way to swing a golf club? This is a famous question. You can hear this one from golf beginners and experienced players too. Did you too? Yes, then read on and learn a proper golf swing right now. I want to tell you 3 golf swing instructions to better your game and distance.

Play the British Open Venues With a Scottish Golf Break

Scotland has a large number of golf courses, some of which feature on the Open championship rotation of venues which host the major championship. Scotland but from 1872 the tournament was played according to a rotating course schedule.

Golfers Mind – Where You Put Your Focus Increases the Likely-Hood of it Occurring, Good Or Bad

What you focus on you get more of. This is just a universal law that is at work every day in millions of ways including on the golf course. Did you know that by focusing on the right things while on the golf course you will improve your performance and enjoyment? A double bonus I’m sure you will agree when you read this article now.

Saying the Name “Tiger” Carries a Certain Magic

Anytime you talk about the history of golf or just golf in general, no conversation is complete without mentioning Eldrick Tont Woods, better known as Tiger. Just saying the name carries a certain magic to it. Tiger is not only considered the greatest golfer of all time, he is also considered one of the most dominating athletes of all time.

How to Hit Fairway Woods – 3 Tips to Launch the Ball High and Soft With Your Woods

Countless golfers ask on a daily basis how to hit fairway woods. These clubs were designed much like hybrid clubs to replace the hard to hit long irons, but still many people suffer with hitting woods. In this article I am going to give you 3 easy tips that you can start using right away which should help you hit longer and straighter shots with your fairway woods.

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