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Learning Golf With the Aid of Golf Videos

The underlying function of Golf videos is to ensure that the player gets good exposure to the game. In such videos, there is going to be an experienced instructor who ironically will be a master golf player. He will be teaching the basics of the game.

A Guide to Saving Money on Golf

Golf is one of the most beloved summer sports. It is also one of the more expensive. With the down economy many are looking for ways to continue to play their favorite sport without spending a lot of money. This article will tell you how.

Why Tiger Wins and You Don’t

Every year it seems Tiger Woods wins more PGA tournaments than anyone else. In most years that’s probably true. Overall, Tiger has won 65 PGA Tournaments, including 14 majors. And he’s only 32, soon to be 33. Players are eligible for the Senior Tour at age 50. If we assume he joins the Senior Tour at 50, he still has at least 15 or 16 years left on the Tour. No one will be shocked if Tiger ends his career having won more professional tournaments and more majors than any one else.

Golf Confidence is Manufactured Through Thinking Not Playing – Learn How For Great Golf Results

“Imagine…it’s the 1st tee and you have no jitters, you have a 10 footer to win your match and calmly roll it in, you have a birdie putt to shoot your personal best score and with a relaxed confidence you drain the putt…” What would it be like for you if you could calmly walk onto any T and confidently launch the ball down the fairway, fully committed, relaxed and confident?

Why is it Necessary to Wear Special Shoes to Play Golf?

There are a number of factors involved in making a decision around what golf shoe you will end up buying. Not only does style come into play but also things such as player safety and protection of the course itself. Here we present some good reasons why you should invest in a good pair of shoes specifically to play golf in.

What is a Golf Wedge and When Should it Be Used?

A wedge describes a golf club that sits at the top end of the range of clubs a player has in his bag. In this article we will take a quick look at the difference between different golf wedges and when they are most likely to be used.

How to Correct a Slice in Your Golf Swing in Three Easy Steps

A big problem for the most golfers is a golf swing slice. Slicing a ball is a common mistake and if you want to better your game you have to know how to correct a slice as fast as possible. Do you want to improve your golf? Yes, then this article is for you.

Golf Swing Slice – How to Fix a Slice in 3 Simple Steps

A golf swing slice is one of the most critical parts for the frustrated golfer. They do not hit the ball right and the score goes up. Losing a game is frustrating but how to fix a slice? There are a lot of techniques you can use and I want to show you 3 simple steps to achieve a better inside out golf swing. Read on if you want to better your game.

How to Stop Slicing a Golf Ball With 3 Golf Swing Technique Tips

The most common mistake in golf is a golf swing slice. A lot of golfer are saying that this their biggest problem. But to lower your score and better your game you have to know how to fix a slice. If you want to improve your game just follow these 3 golf swing tips.

How Memory Works – Discover How to Use it Positively to Help Your Golf Game

Chances are that you are not really in control of what you vividly recall and what you don’t. Would you like to learn how memory works so that you can get control over your memories easier than you think? Discover how to intentionally “Lock In” good memories to massively boost your confidence and allow you to play your best golf.

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