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Can Golf Swing Videos Really Help You?

It would be difficult to read a book to learn surgery. That’s why interns learn by watching and doing. Golf swing videos have come a long way in golf instruction. Now, it’s possible to capture your swing on video and evaluate every aspect of your stroke to maximize and improve your distance and golf game. We aren’t doing that here yet, but the fundamentals are for you to see.

A Simple Golf Slice Cure

Chances are, if you have ever played golf, then you have sliced the ball more than once. Even the best of the best slice the ball on occasion and fortunately, because this is such a common occurrence, there are many magazine articles and books that address the golf slice cure. If you are serious about seeking a remedy for your golf slice, there are many to choose from, and though the surrounding text of the articles can be quite different, the gist of the message is the same: alter your stance and/or your grip.

Tips on Curing a Golf Slice

This article contains tips on how to cure a golf slice. If you are constantly hitting the banana slice this article is for you.

How to Cure a Golf Slice – Identifying Ways to Cure a Slice

As any avid golfer will tell you, if you are not lined up properly on your shot or if you have just a slight variation in your swing, grip or stance, then the potential for slicing the golf ball increases dramatically. In golf, a slice is defined as a shot that curves decisively from the left to the right for right handed golfers and from the right to the left for left handed golfers.

3 Essential Tips to Improve Your Golf Game

Do you want a better golf swing? These tips are a must for anyone wanting to improve their swing.

Benefits of Walking While Playing Golf

There are more than just health benefits to walking while playing golf. Recent studies also show you can improve your score by pulling your clubs while walking.

Golf Swing Basics – Tips on Playing Golf

The great golf players did not achieve their fame overnight. They also went through a lot in order to be good at the game of their choice. In order to excel, they have the right knowledge of the golf…

How to Get the Most Out of Golf Lessons

Are you one of those people that have taken countless golf lessons only to find little to no results whatsoever? Before becoming skeptical of the instructor you need to look at you as a student. For this reason, take a few tips into consideration so you can become a better golfer yourself.

Steps to a Better Golf Swing – 3 Simple Steps to a Better Golf Swing

What are the steps to a better golf swing? The problem is that most of us don’t know what we are doing wrong. We all have different swing hiccups. So, in order to get better, we must gain a better understanding of our own unique golf swing.

Swing Building & Scoring Don’t Mix – It’s the Oil and Water of Golf

There are so many people wandering the golf course desperately trying to get their swing mechanically correct or at least improved, while attempting to post a score at the same time little realizing that the two don’t mix. At best they are very uncomfortable bedfellows and at worse oil and water. If you want to improve your game and score better on the course you may want to discover when each is best used for maximum results from both.

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