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Why We Love-Hate Certain Golf Courses

If you’re anything like the golfers who attend my golf instruction sessions, you have some courses you like and some you don’t. Have you ever wondered why? We’ll probably never know for certain why some golfers like one course and others don’t. But there’s a theory that may explain the mystery and how it impacts your golf handicap.

Golf Tips on Hitting Solid Irons

To improve iron play fast – and chop strokes off your golf handicap – look to your hands. It’s hard to hit quality shots if you don’t use your hands correctly. As a serious golfer looking to improve, you must learn what role your hands play in hitting iron shots. If you do, you’ll boost your game to a new level and you’ll whittle strokes from your golf handicap as well.

Five Great Moments in Golf

Every sport has its great moments. Usually, they occur during a championship game. Or they occur during a game directly or event leading directly to the championship event, like a playoff game or the semi-finals of a match.

Chipping it Close

The pros are good at all phases of golf. But they usually depend heavily on one phase to help them make the cut. That’s their “go to” phase. Take Brad Faxon. He putts as well as anyone. In fact, he led the tour in putting average three times from 1996 to 2000.

Is Your Course Over-Treed?

Many American courses had no trees in the beginning. But over time maintenance crews started planting trees. This trend took hold and crews planted more and more trees. Pretty soon the “parkland” concept took hold.

Practice Your Swing in the Pool!

Still working on slowing your swing down? Do you have a pool that’s at least six feet deep? Then grab an old seven iron and take it in the water with you.

3 Steps to the Inside Out Golf Swing

You often hear the 3 word inside out golf swing when you play your round on the green. It seems that every golfer wants to have or to know this unbelievable swing. It is the answer to stop slicing the ball and better your overall game. Do you want to take your game to the next level and hit a draw in golf? Yes, then read on and start your training today.

How to Hit a Golf Ball With a Driver – 3 Tips You Must Have!

Many people are asking “how to hit a golf ball with a driver.” For most golfers the driver is the hardest cub in the bag to consistently hit long and straight drives. Often times golfers can hit other clubs very well, but struggle with the driver. I know I used to have a lot of problems hitting my driver, but now I hit the ball far and straight thanks to these tips and a simple swing system I use.

My Thoughts on Cleveland Launcher 400

I did a lot of research and experimenting before buying this club. I demoed all the top brands several times with different flex shafts and brands of shafts. The two I liked best were the Titleist 983k and the Launcher 400. The Launcher 460 was a nice stick too but the size of the head didn’t look right to me and the high pitched impact sound was a little bit of a turnoff.

Is There a Cure For the Yips?

The yips are a nightmare and it actually ends some golfers playing days for good. How sad! Can we overcome the yips?

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