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Overlooked Swing Techniques – Unlock the Secret Code to a Powerful Swing

When it comes to having a powerful swing many golfers miss the point. The point is this, it’s all about the “impact zone”, do what you will…

Put Some Backbone Back in Your Swing – The Untapped Resource For a Bulletproof Swing

When it comes to a simple golf swing many folks fall victim to the continual pursuit of doing all things right. While that may seem honorable…

How to Power Up Your Swing For Amazing Explosive Distance

What if you could add amazing powerful distance to your swing, do you think you would be interested? The simple answer is “yes” you would… but behind it all there is that nagging thought – that it’s just not possible. The fact is that it is possible, no matter how big or small you are. To do it you need to focus on the fundamentals and simplify your swing.

Golf Fitness Exercises and Fitness Programs to Benefit Your Game

Presently in the sport of golf, golf fitness training has become an integral part of success at the professional level. The amateur is also becoming aware of the requirements, benefits, and essential needs for golf exercises conditioning the body relative to biomechanics of the golf swing. Unfortunately for many amateur players they are unaware of what type of physical conditioning is required to support the golf swing.

Simple Swing Techniques For Hitting the Ball Longer & Straighter

When it comes to your swing I need you to do one thing for me, and that is keep it simple. Let me explain what I mean by that.

Seven Secrets to Great Golf

Golfers it seems are always looking for a tip that will transform their games. But they seldom achieve low golf handicaps without a lot of work. Often, that involves a combination of things, like practicing and playing, taking golf lessons, and studying golf tips. Over time, these golfers develop the skills necessary to chop strokes off their scores and their golf handicaps.

How to Have a Dead Solid, Near Perfect Golf Swing

What if you could strike the ball square with explosive power every time you stepped up to the shot. You may be thinking that this is impossible, if so I suggest that you do not read on, simply because you have defeated yourself before you even begin.

Use the Hybrid to Cut Your Golf Handicap

While playing in my Friday foursome the other day, one member of the group pulled out his hybrid and said, “I still don’t know what to use this club for.” If you’re one of those players that has a hybrid but never uses it, you may want to rethink think that strategy…

Sand Solutions

Golfers with low golf handicaps avoid disasters-either through experience or sound technique. Players with high golf handicaps rack up 7s and 8s because they either fail to fully escape from trouble or they hit into more trouble. Either way, they have to make another difficult shot.

Beating the Yips Reduces Golf Handicap

Every golfer has periods of poor putting. When things get really bad, a golfer ends up with a case of the yips-an insidious “disease” that can dramatically boost your golf handicap.

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