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How I Improve My Golf Swing in One Hour – In 3 Easy Steps

Golf has become more and more popular these days. Everybody wants to know the secret golf swing key and asks themselves “How can I improve my golf swing?” Well, there are some simple and yet effective ways to succeed in about 1 hour of training.

The Trouble With Golf – It’s Better to Not Get Into It

On the golf course, one of the skills you will need to learn is how to get out of trouble, whether that be pitching out of bunkers or digging yourself out of the woods. The thing is that you may get better overall results if you don’t get yourself into trouble in the first place.

How to Choose Your First Golf Club Set – Beginner Tips to Choosing Your First Set

Choosing your first set of golf clubs can be an intimidating task as there are literally hundreds of different styles and models to choose from. If you plan on playing for a long, then having a proper set is essential to improving your game play and making the game much more enjoyable. Here are tips to get you started.

What Golf Balls Are You Using? Using the Right Ones Could Make a Big Difference

If you are aiming to improve your game and try ever increasingly difficult shots then your choice of ball is very important. In fact it could be so important that your choice of golf ball should be thought through at least as diligently as your choice of clubs.

Is Your Golf Game Consistent For 18 Holes?

One of the best ways of ensuring you have a good round is not shooting a lot of miraculous shots. Let’s face it, but definition, miracles don’t come along too often. The answer is to be consistently good at what you do. If you consistently play well then you will shoot a good round. However, there is a down side to consistency. What if you are shooting consistently poorly?

Golf Swing Basics to Better Your Game

What are the important things to follow while playing golf? There are many factors that contribute to the success in playing golf.

Improve Your Golf Game by Playing the Odds

Most weekend golfers act like they are Tiger. If the drive goes into the rough, instead of punching it out and having a good shot at the green on the next shot, they prefer to gamble. It doesn’t matter that they have no idea how to hit the shot. They go for it and the ball heads for more trouble. Yet they gripe about their score.

What Golf Clubs Does Tiger Woods Use?

If you have watched Tiger Woods play golf you probably have asked yourself many questions such as how did he do that? How does anyone else ever win? And maybe even what planet is he from? Eventually though if you play golf or aspire to you will ask the question what golf clubs does Tiger Woods Use? That is most likely because you are hoping that maybe some of his greatness lies in his equipment and if you used the same clubs you could play like Tiger. Well, better at least.

Varying Your Practice on the Golf Course

Will you become a better golfer by concentrating on one aspect of your game, or by using different techniques? Varying your practice will make you a better all round golfer.

Golf Swing Tips – Get the Perfect Golf Swing

The golf swing is the most important aspect of your game, and without a good golf swing, your long game and your short game will both suffer. We’ve spoken with some golf pros to get their best tips on finding the ideal golf swing, and this is what they told us.

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