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Golf Tips 101 – What Golf Accessories to Keep on Your Bag

This article is related to a series of articles that detail free golf tips for the average golfer. This one in particular talks about what extra accessories to keep on or in your golf bag. An accessory is anything extra that you’d need for golf.

How To Hit A Draw For Beginner Golfers

Many golfers would love and are always trying to hit the elusive draw, mainly because they want the extra distance. A draw will always naturally travel further than a fade, if both are hit with the same club head speed and contact. So, how can you hit the draw and gain more distance off the tee and as a result have a shorter shot into the green?

The Golf Chip Shot – How To Get Your Ball Closer For An Easy Putt

The golf chip shot is only played from short distances to the green, and only when there are no hazards between tour ball and the pin. This is the best choice of shot to get the ball close when you’ve missed the green.

How to Start the Downswing

When teaching golf it’s about first of all getting the fundamentals right. Once we are in a good position to swing the club around the body correctly then we would look at getting the golf club in the right position when it reaches the top. The most common question I get asked is how to start the downswing.

How to Put Rhythm in Your Backswing and Downswing

Whether you have a fast swing or slow, all the stages of the swing should be blended together in one continuous movement. This smooth swinging of the golf club is called rhythm. You must learn how to train rhythm in your backswing and downswing to be able to hit long, consistent powerful shots.

How to Develop a Good Backswing

Anyone who wants to improve their golf needs to master their backswing. A poor backswing will ruin your game. If you take the time to develop a good backswing, you’ll see your game improve tenfold.

Checkpoints for an ‘On Plane’ Backswing

One of the most misunderstood terms in golf is ‘swing plane’. Many people think of the swing plane as the position at the top of the swing in either the terms of the hands or club and either being too flat, too upright or on plane. This article will give you the check points for an ‘on plane’ backswing.

Creating a Good Backswing

Creating a good backswing requires the coordinated movement of the club, hands, arms and torso. Linking these moves correctly will set off the proper chain reaction in order to assist a powerful move back to the ball. ‘Hitting the ball’ is a phrase used commonly throughout golf but in reality is quite a dangerous one because when a players focus moves away from swinging the golf club to forcibly hitting the golf ball problems usually arise.

Backswing Tips for Better Golf

Everyone wants to lower their scores. By following these backswing tips for better golf you will hit it straighter and longer than you ever have before! The purpose of he backswing is to set the club in the right position at the top and allow us to deliver the club to the ball squarely and with the maximum speed possible therefore generating distance.

Backswing Tips

If you struggling for consistency in your game then more often than not it will be down to the incorrect position of the club at the top of your backswing. Follow these short backswing tips for an immediate improvement. Shorten the backswing for control In order to hit the ball more consistently and more accurately you need to shorten the backswing.

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