This is the magic move that fixed Charles Barkley’s golf swing

Cleveland Hi-Bore Driver Review

Although it might sound like the name of a not-very-good stand-up comedian from Ohio, the HiBORE is a pretty serious club. In terms of shape it is a radical departure from most of what has come before it.

Callaway X460 Club Review

Before the X460, Callaway had a club called the Big Bertha. An interesting name for a club, but arguably no longer appropriate, as the X460 is bigger. The “460” refers to the size of the club head, and is currently the maximum permissible size. Thus it has a six cc advantage over Bertha. Does it make a difference?

Golf Psychology Improves Your Golf Score

GOLF PSYCHOLOGY is not just about managing your mind it is also about having a common sense approach to the game. That is why golf psychology is becoming a very important topic these days. This is what the mental game is all about.

Golf Etiquette Simplified

Have you met some golf players who just don’t care about proper golf etiquette on and off the course? This is a list of items that you can follow so that everyone has a better time on the course.

Fixing a Golf Slice – Overcoming This Common Golf Swing Problem

If you have been playing golf and you sometimes experience your ball going crazy into a big curve and veering into the direction you don’t want it to be, you may be experiencing a golf slice. If you want to overcome this problem, find out what you can do about it.

The Most Effective Beginners’ Golf Instruction Guide

Congratulations on finally deciding to get into this marvelous world of golf, Let me show you to the effective beginners golf instruction, And what you have to do to enjoy golf in a way you’ve never have. As you begin in any sport you have to prepare yourself for lots of frustrations & failures, Yet with every incrementally small successful step, You’re gonna feel an amazing sense of exhilaration that’s gonna make it worth your while EVERY TIME.

PING Color Chart – What is the PING Dot System?

What is the PING dot system? It is a tool that the golf club maker, PING, created in order to help people select the golf clubs that are most appropriate for them. The dot system is also referred to as the PING color chart. The reason it is called a color chart is because it attempts to categorize people by placing them into one of 12 different colors by answering several questions.

Golf Has Become Very Famous!

The famous sport, Golf is slowly and steadily increasing every single day. This sport which had initiated from Scotland has now become nationwide and is being played in all countries with utmost interest. Every golf course is now developed on rich green lands, coastal lines, and also on sandy regions and plains.

Start to Improve Your Golf Swing

Golf is a magnificent game of chance as much as skill for some amateurs. One day you’ll be shooting great shots landing cleanly on the fairway, hitting all the greens and see even the longest of putts dropping, on other days it seems like nothing will go to plan.

Golf Fitness Exercise – Training For the Senior Golfer

Fitness for golf is becoming more common among the vast majority of senior golfers. There are so many golfers that when they reach their 50s and 60s are trying to find anything that will give them an edge in their golf game that the last thing they think of is their body.

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