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Golf Shoes: Spikes Or No Spikes

Golf shoes have a unique and storied past and have prompted the never-ending debate about to spike or not to spike. The story of golf shoes makes for some interesting clubhouse trivia that may serve to inflame the spikes debate.

Golf Vacation With Your Buddies Is Fun If You Plan It Well

If you are a golf fanatic, spending a vacation with your buddies somewhere there is a course will certainly be a blast. Spending moments with your friends playing a game that all of you love is indeed a memorable experience to undertake.

Handy Tips To Further Improve Your Golf Game

According to golf experts, playing this competitive sport is all about perfecting your swing. The experts also say if you master the appropriate swing, chances are you can also quickly develop your superb game momentum.

How to Become a Better Competitor at Golf

People have different reasons for playing different kinds of sports. The reason could vary from one person to another, depending on what he wants to gain from the specific sport or game that he is playing.

Purchase Quality Men’s Golf Shoes and Experience the Difference

The next time you need footwear to play on the course, make sure you are shopping at a place that has a large selection of men’s golf shoes. That way you can pick quality footwear for your feet.

Golf GPS Watches – Are They A Game Changer?

Golf Gps Watches and Rangefinders are two of the modern tools being used on golf courses around the world. Ultimately having that amount of information strapped to your wrist is definitely a huge advantage. It could be seen as a virtual caddy as the information provided, is what the caddy has been collecting for years, many years indeed.

Simplifying Your Putting Technique Can Lower Your Golf Score

The game of golf is a combination of many types of shots which have to be executed correctly for the best results. One of these shots is the putt. This aspect of the game of golf of the most important, if not the most important. Typically a 40 to 60 percent of the shots made in a round of golf are putts. Obviously reducing the number of putts you make in a round of golf by just ten percent will have a significant impact on your score.

How to Stop Shanking Your Golf Shots

Golf is one of the best games you can try your hands on.The combination of strategy, pose, swing and acute vision to make good shots makes it one of the most exciting games. To best enjoy golf,you must learn how to stop shaking your golf shots. A sharked golf shot is when your golf ball strikes the inside corner of the heel of the club,where the club face joins the holes or neck.

Probably The Most Advised Golf Putting Aids

Because of the advantages that the putting aids can provide to the golfers, these devices are becoming more and more popular in the market now. And it is for this reason why several companies have decided to come up with their own versions of devices that can help any golfer in practicing their putting skills. So if you’re a beginner in the game of golf and you want to enhance your skills, then you need to invest on one of these devices now. Here are some of them that you can choose.

Tips On Searching For The Best Putting Aids To Buy

A lot of golfers thought that putting is just an easy thing to do, when in fact this is the most challenging part in the game of golf. If you do not know the proper way to putt, you can’t expect to win on your game.

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