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Golf Putting Instruction – Why Waste Time Reading Your Putt If You Can’t Control Your Distance?

Good golf putting instruction deals with two fundamentals – direction control and distance control. Mastering these two basic concepts is absolutely critical to effective putting.

Golf Short Game Lessons – Conquer Your Fear of the Short Pitch Shot

As technology has dramatically improved golf clubs and balls in the past 20 years, everyone is hitting it farther and straighter. To combat this trend, golf course architects have strived to protect their layouts by making the greens far less accessible. Today’s green complexes are protected by deep rough, lightning-fast sloping drop-offs, ponds, creeks, and massive bunkers of every size and shape. It’s no wonder that such obstacles strike fear into the hearts of the average golfer.

The Rhythm of the Golf Swing

The golf swing is a complex motion. The body winds up during the backswing and unwinds during the downswing in a chain reaction. Events must occur in the right sequence and at the right time in order for the swing to work efficiently and predictably.

New Golf Clubs Or Golf School?

Do you want to improve your golf game? Are you considering spending $500 to $1,000 on new golf clubs? Get the best new equipment, and you will be guaranteed success! Really?

Stretching For Golf – Improve That Swing!

News flash for all you golfers out there: if you don’t do any stretching or golf then you should start asap! Learn here why it’s important, how it can improve your playing techniques, and how to do it properly!

Using Golf Handicaps – Why Golf Handicaps Make Golf a Better Competitive Sport Than Any Other Sport

Is golf the ultimate competitive sport for people of all abilities? Take any two people and put them on the course together and they should be able to enjoy the game.

Playing Near the Ricoh Women’s Golf – Courses to Visit Whilst in Southport

If you are venturing to the Merseyside area for the Ricoh Women’s Open Golf competition later this year, you might also be considering a game or two yourself at one of the many golf courses that fill the area. There are many big name clubs and courses and also some quality pay and play courses. Here we look at the cheaper options of a game of golf in the Southport region.

How to Golf Better – Tips to Improve Your Game

If you have been playing yet you seem to falter a little bit on your strokes, some tips on how to golf better might interest you. Learn more by reading on today.

The Short Game

If you are looking for one of the most important moments in the game of golf, it could easily be rounded out in the short game. Once you have reached the point that the green is in your sights, you now need to decide whether to pitch or chip the ball onto the green.

Giving Your Best on How to Play Golf

For both starters and even those who had been playing the game for quite some time, learning how to play golf and how to improve one’s game is of utmost importance. Learn more by reading on today.

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