How to Get an Over the Top Golf Swing

You know that guy, the one who manages to pull off the most amazing over-the-top golf swing every time he touches a club. He’s a rock star on the green; women lust after him and men want to be him. You want to be him, too, and you wonder just what it is that makes him all-powerful on the range.

Putting Instruction to Save Your Game

Lots of golfers make the mistake of thinking that their swing is the most important part of their game. While this mindset is not altogether wrong, neither is it a hundred percent correct. Swing is important, but lots of other things are important too. Putting, for example, may be less glamorous, but it is absolutely critical to a good golf game.

Putting – Help Yourself to a Lower Score

To get back the confidence you had as a child you should follow some simple tips. Putting help has never been easier. Make conscious effort to adopt a pre-putt routine for your putting just like you do for your other shots.

Improve Your Golf Game – What Every Golfer Should Have in Their Golf Bag

Besides the obvious clubs, balls and tees there are several things that everyone should carry to improve their golf experience.Β Sunscreen – You should always keep sunscreen in an easily accessible pocket of your bag and USE IT. At least 30 spf.

5 Things to Find the Right Golf Fitness Expert

Many golfers ask the question – How do I find a golf fitness expert? Here are some tips to find one that will fit your needs.

Why Trust is a Key Element in Playing Golf

A good client wrote to me saying that her problem is not so much thinking negative thoughts but ‘thinking at all!’ How many of you can relate to that? She went onto say that if any sort of thought enters her head, even positive thoughts, she then starts trying too hard. If she just swings and hits without thinking then she gets much better results.

The Importance of Pre-Shot Routines on Your Golf Swing, and Golf Game in General

The importance of implementing a pre-shot routine before every golf shot cannot be stressed enough. A good pre-shot routine sets you up for success, consistently. The golf swing is complex, and when even seemingly small segments break down, poor golf shots and swings that lack confidence can become the end result. Pre-shot routines prepare your mind, set you up to the golf ball properly, and focus your mind where it should be focused, only on the task at hand, THIS golf shot.

Cut Your Handicap – Stop Throwing Away Strokes

We have all lost a shot or four because of the brain and body. We all know how to stroke the perfect putt or hit a three hundred yard drive so why are we battering our scorecard with the silly shots?

Golf Grip – Is it Really That Important?

The golf grip is only a small part of the entire game of golf. It is even a small part of the entire swing. So it shouldn’t be making anything more than a small effect on someone’s game. Well what if it could turn your entire game around?

Play Your Best Golf Tomorrow by Implementing These 3 Quick Tips!

Golf is a game of the ego, and all men and women that play golf want to get better whether they will admit it or not! Even if your friends say they are not trying to get better, you can bet that secretly they are wanting to get better so they can crush you, and being the competitor that you are you cannot let this happen! If you want to play your best golf tomorrow then here are three tips to help you improve almost instantly.

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