The Players Championship’s worst shots on a cold Sunday | Golf Channel

4 Tips to Help You Score Well on a Wet Golf Course

Most golfers prefer a dry course, but inevitably you’ll find yourself facing wet conditions. Perhaps you are playing in a tournament or on a special out-of-town course and a quick shower passes through the course. It a special day and you don’t want to pass up the opportunity.

Buying Golf Clothing and Accessories – Tips for Beginners

Some golf clubs require specific golf clothing. Wearing the right attire looks good, yes, but it also helps you with your game, too. If you’re playing golf with boss, a client, or potential client, you’ll want to dress to impress and to be sure you know what’s expected for a dress code at the club you are playing at.

Sky Caddie SGX 2011 Golf GPS System Review

The Sky Caddie SGX 2011 Golf GPS System is considered to be one of the most reliable and accurate Golf GPS Systems currently available. Find out how the new enhancements to the Sky Caddie SGX Golf GPS System can help you save precious strokes out on the course!

Golf Training To Improve Your Game

There are many ways to use golf training to play a stronger game. A competitive golfer must have flexibility, core stability, and an awareness of their body, as well as strength and muscular endurance. While it is possible to become a good golfer…

When Is It Time to Buy New Golf Clubs?

Buying a new golf club set is now a very large investment with sets costing as much as $2000 or more. But, when is the correct time to ditch the old clubs and invest in a new set? This article will help with that major purchase decision.

Golf Shoes – What Should You Be Looking For?

First, if you don’t play golf on a regular basis, or even if you do, will you really need to invest in golf shoes? The answer is: absolutely yes. As with practically every sport, the feet act as the foundation for all we do, and the shoes are part of that foundation. It really isn’t a matter of style, but how it aids us in the way we play the game. As golfers we put a lot of strain on our feet, and our golf shoes have to not only support our foot but also prevent slipping during the swing.

6 Must-Have Cool Golf Items in 2012

Either you are a beginner or a professional golfer; you need tools to help you in your golf play. Fortunately, the bright minds spent some time thinking about your concerns to produce the following tools. Here are 6 cool golf items that are a must-have in 2012.

Golf Clubs, Should I Buy Steel Shafts or Graphite Shafts?

Is there a big difference between Steel shafted golf clubs and Graphite shafted clubs, and if so what are they. If you are new to the game of golf or have a low handicap, these are the questions you will be asking yourself before buying a new set of golf clubs.

Details To Take Into Account When Purchasing a Golf Distance Finder

Golf GPS system that give you information of knowing how far your goal is in the field.This little machine will take the guesswork out of determining how far away any particular point on the course is.

Do You Hit Down?

Golf is difficult- deceptively so -due to our perception of how to get the ball Airborne. We want the ball to go up, our natural inclination is to get up at it. However, we need to hit down.

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