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The Proper Golf Grip – What You Need to Know and Are They All The Same?

One of the most important steps to playing the best golf you can play is to know what the proper golf grip for you is. This is not always the same for everybody and this is very important because it is what connects you to the club. Your grip must be solid and must set you up for success or you will struggle to ever hit the golf ball very well. Here are some tips to get you started.

The Ben Hogan Golf Swing – Should You Consider Copying This Swing?

Ben Hogan was one of the most famous and one of the best golfer ever to play the game. If he had not gotten into a bad car accident he may have been known as the best golfer to ever play the game. This is why the Ben Hogan golf swing is so popular. This is a book that contains the secrets that he used to get his swing to do what he wanted it to do. Here is what you should know about this swing.

What To Look For In A Golf Laser Finder

Golf laser finders assist you by letting you know the distance to the tee to make your shot. Find out what you need to look for in this type of device to get one that you really want.

Golfing Goals – Toxic Or Medicinal?

The idea that goals are all set in the same way just is not true. Wonder why some people can set goals and attain them, ticking off achievement after achievement whilst others set goals which only serve as a millstone around their neck. Read this and discover a possible reason, it may well surprise you.

Where to Find the Best Golf Rangefinder

Inside the golfing community there are various solutions that will claim they can lower your golf handicap by buying mindset products or by making use of particular clubs or special golf balls. Nevertheless the primary issue a lot of golfers experience is determining the distance from where they are to precisely where they wish to be. One answer to this issue is to possess a laser range finder.

Golf – One Of The Best Games To Learn

If you are looking for a great game to get involved in, you might want to consider golf. Believe it or not, golf can not only be a lot of fun, but it can also be a lot of great exercise. Of course, if you just want to ride around on the carts the entire time, you are not going to get much in the way of exercise.

Correct Golf Slice – How To Fix A Slice

If you have a golf swing slice and you desperately want to figure out how to correct it, then join the club my friend. The golf swing slice is one of the most common swing problems golfers face. Keep reading to find out some simple remedies to correct golf slice.

Different Kinds Of Golf Clubs

A golf club is made up of three separate components namely the grip, shaft, and head. A regular type of golf club set is typically composed of three woods namely the #3, driver, and the #5 fairway woods; eight irons specifically the #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, and the PW; and a putter. All in all, there are 12 clubs.

Custom Golf Carts Are A Must Have For The Serious Golfer

The number of accessories used in the game of golf comes in a huge number. Some are affordable while others are really off the hook in terms of price. Now, some of these things may value up to thousands of dollars without even offering you any good use during the game.

The Local Golf Shop

There are fond memories of the local golf shop for many of us. Some of you may remember being huddled around one small television watching the four hole playoff of the British Open.

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