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Practice Makes Perfect When it Comes to Golf

Golf may seem like a fairly simple game to master, but ask any golfer and they will tell you it takes a lot of time or at least a lot of practice in order to make sure you develop the skills that are needed in order to become great at golf. The frustration that can happen with golf is that there are many different shot types that you may be called upon to take during any particular round of golf that you play.

Cutting the Cost of Your Golf Games

Golf can be considered as a slightly more expensive game than others. Whilst it is entirely possible to enjoy the game of golf on a budget as there are beginners clubs and equipment as well as many schemes available to help you reduce your golfing costs such as free online video tutorials and 2 for 1 offers to help cut down the costs of golf.

How-To – Planning a Golf Tournament

To plan a golf tournament it can take a lot of your time and energy. At times it can seem quite a daunting challenge but if you try to follow a few simple tips then it could all be worth it in the end. Planning is the critical part and you should really plan well in advance to avoid any unforeseen circumstances.

Keeping Your Cool on the Golf Course This Summer

Golf is a typically fair weather sport, you will often hear the more dedicated golfers complaining that the courses are always clogged up with “those fair weather golfers” but even they will be first to admit that playing golf in the rain and wind isn’t their idea of a great day out. So as summer fast approaches you will probably begin to notice more and more people out enjoying a round of golf and the fresh air whilst they’re at it.

Golf Swing Trainer – Discover Perfect Swing Tempo With the Medicus Driver For Duffer

What does your swing look like? Have you ever seen it in motion? What would others say about it if they watched you swing? The best swings have perfect swing tempo and look nearly effortless to an observer.

Ladies Left-Handed Golf Clubs – How to Select the Perfect Set

Left handedness is not very common unless you’re part of my family where if you’re right handed, you’re in the minority. My husband, his mother, his two sisters and my son are all left handed. So, maybe they’re taking over I don’t know. What I do know is that special consideration should be given when selecting golf clubs for someone who is left handed.

Want to Know the True Way of Golf? How to Play Your Best and Save Yourself Fortunes and Frustration!

If you are not the average golfer then you may not be a victim of the mass marketing companies who want you to keep buying new equipment when they know it may not help you at all. There are some really sound financial reasons why they will never give you the right advice for your game. Would you like to get another opinion on the game of golf that may save you thousands of hard earned notes and get you playing some great golf at the same time?

Staying in the Present Moment When You Putt is Vital – Anyone Can Become Great at Putting

Any golfer regardless of their age or physical build can become a great putter and be a serious competitive threat on the golf course. A great putter is a match for anyone whether you are long or short off the tee, it is what you do on the green that will win matches. Do you want to play in the zone and perform at your best on a consistent basis?

Improve Your Golf by Learning More About the Perils of the Wrist Snap

Why on earth would a young 20 something guy, with the world at his feet, change the one of the best golf swings on the planet? I’ll tell you why, it was to make it better of course.

3 Ways to Make Golf More Affordable

3 ways to bring the high cost of golf back down to Earth. Golf can and should be affordable to everyone. The personal enjoyment and life lessons golf provides often make it a transformational experience for those who are lucky enough to have the opportunity.

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