Testing Fujikura’s Ventus TR shafts highlights the importance of getting fit

How Your Wife’s Ear Could Lower Your Golf Handicap

Two fairly recent articles published in the Journal of Applied Sport Psychology and the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology have established a firm connection between the performance of golfers who receive the ongoing support of friends and family in good times and bad, and golfers who tend to go it alone without an emotional support network. In one study researchers tested the importance of social support by tailoring an individual one-on-one program between a professional psychologist and the individual members of a small group of professional golfers who competed at regional, national, and the international level.

Is the Taylor Made R5 Driver the Golf Driver For You? A Review You Should Read!

Are you one of the thousands and thousands of golfers that enjoy hitting long drives? There’s nothing quite like stepping out on the first tee and hitting a massive drive.

Getting Used Golf Equipment May Not Be As Bad As You Think

Used items are notorious for being of low quality and thus most people prefer to buy a new item so that they know for sure that they are the only person who has used it. However, when it comes to golf clubs and other golf equipment, many times buying used is a very intelligent choice.

What’s So Great About the Buhnell Pro 1600 Rangefinder?

The new Pro 1600 from Bushnell could be the world’s only golf laser rangefinder to compensate for differences in elevation. As far as great value rangefinders are concerned, Bushnell Laser Rangefinders are one on the excellent lineups of superb laser rangefinders around the market.

Custom Fit Golf Clubs Make Good Sense

Golf clubs are often sold off the shelf as one size fits all. This is just not possible with all our different shapes and sizes and every golfer has a unique golf swing. Therefore custom fitted golf clubs are the answer.

Golf Tips – Getting More Distance

We have all seen the pros on TV and we all wish we could drive that far. We try to emulate their technique but we just can’t manage to get that kind of distance. I’m going to highlight some tips that should help you add a few extra yards to the end of your drive.

The Proper Golf Grip – The Foundation to Your Golf Game

For beginner golfers the first thing you will need to learn on your path to the golf elite is the proper grip. A good grip on your club is the foundation to every aspect of golf. The best swing in the world is nothing if it is not backed up by a proper grip. In this article, I will attempt to give you some pointers to improve your grip and give you the best possible foundation on which to build the rest of your game.

Basic Golf Swing – The Making of a Bad Golf Swing

There are a ton of instructional videos and booklets available to improve your swing but some are difficult to understand and will often turn you into making a bad golf swing. Here are a few simple tips for you to consider.

How to Choose an Electric Golf Trolley

More people are now opting in to use an electric trolley so it is essential to choose the correct one for you. They vary dramatically in price so it is worth doing some research beforehand.

Medicus Driver – Get the Medicus Driver to Improve Your Golf Swing!

Try out the Medicus Driver, a golf swing training device that makes use of a dual hinge technology to get rid of your swing flaws. Read to find out more in regards to the Medicus Driver.

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