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Golf Club Aim – Align the Club Face According to Point of Separation – Article 8 of 13 in Series

The correct way to aim the golf club face is to have the club face square to the intended target or desired lines of flight at the “Point Of Separation” which is the point at which the ball leaves the club face. The ball does not leave the club face at first point of contact. The ball is squeezed onto the club face while the club is still travelling forward and the ball springs off the clubface at some point after point of first contact. If you have never heard of “Point Of Separation” you should read this article. You may be aiming your club face wrong which asks your body to make unnecessary compensations to try and keep the ball on line.

Your Body, The Bio Machine – Set it Up For Increased Power and Consistency – Article Series 12 of 13

If you think in terms of your body being a bio machine and that it functions best when it’s mechanical abilities are setup so that it can make the most efficient move, you will be amazed at the difference this can make to your Golf game. Working on good setup will not only give you more consistency but will also result in an increase in power = distance.

Stop Slicing and Get the Proper Golf Swing

Every golfer wants to execute that perfect and proper golf swing and execute it every time they play. It is the kind of swing that can be used either with an iron or a wood.

Use These 3 Golf Swing Keys to Lower Your Score

If you like many other golfer then you want to better your game and lower your score. But where to find the golf swing keys to open the door to the next level of your game. Well, you want to know where and what keys you can use? Then read on and improve your game right now.

Club Head Speed Through Impact – Article Series 9 of 13

Club Head Speed Differs – Imagine the club head speed generated by Tiger Woods when he is giving everything he has to a driver and then imagine the amount of compression he applies to the ball. If he is hitting a full iron shot into a green, compression will be different. If he hits a three quarter pitch shot, or a delicate pitch, the compression is less and less. The average putt has virtually no compression to speak of.

Golf Muscle Memory is Complete Rubbish

If you are still trying to train your swing using the old conventional way of spending hours at the range hitting loads of balls and physically trying to manipulate yourself into the same positions over and over again, your way behind the times. You can keep doing it if you want or you can find out about accelerated learning techniques. It’s up to you whether you do it the hard way or the easier faster way.

Improve Your Putting Game

Putting can be one of the most frustrating parts of your golf game. A poor putt can undo all of the hard work you put in from the tee and down the fairway. Concentrate on improving your putting game and you will improve your overall game and this will lead to an improvement in your handicap too.

The Golf Pull Hook and How to Cure it With 2 Easy Tips!

The golf pull hook is something that many golfers of all ability levels struggle with. Bad players, average players, and good players all struggle with the hook and how to get rid of it. In this article I am going to tell you two things that you need to do in order to stop pulling the ball, which will hopefully get you on the path to a more consistent golf swing and lower scores.

Unusual Aim Situations and Training Durations – Article Series 13 of 13

How to aim your clubface when the ball is above or below your feet. Did you know that the more “toe up” your club is, the ball above your feet, the more the clubface is aiming left, for a right handed golfer. The more below your feet the ball is, your clubface will be “toe down” at impact and you will tend to lose the ball out right on a downhill lie.

Pre Shot Routines Are the Package That Holds it All Together – Article Series 11 of 13

If you play golf without a pre-shot routine then it is like going on holiday without a suitcase to carry everything you need. Without a case you will drop, forget, lose or have to leave things behind. The pre-shot routine is the container in golf that holds everything together and makes it possible for you to habitually and routinely complete all the steps needed in order to have the best chance of great results for each swing.

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