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5 Steps To Learn How To Golf Swing

Learning how to play the game of golf and learning how to golf swing is something very foreign to most people who have never tried. It is unlike hitting a baseball and it is just not like a tennis swing. However, learning the sport and how to swing the club is not that hard and it is all about patience and learning the simple basics.

Your Golf Bag: What You Are Likely Missing

What could be better than having your bag full of top of the line equipment? A set of the newest titanium drivers and players irons expertly fitted to your body type can give you maximum control over your game regardless of the conditions. Top it off with an elegant Titleist premium stand bag with a set of Titleist NXT Tour Golf Balls and you are set for the applause of an admiring gallery. Yet, with all of that you still may be neglecting the most important piece of equipment that any golfer can have.

Some Things You Should Know Before Buying Golf Clubs

Golf clubs cost hundreds, or even thousands of dollars – depending on the kind that you buy. You have to be smart in the way that you choose to you buy your golf club set. Here are some ideas on how you can pick the best set:

Things That Every Beginner in Golf Should Know

Golf offers so many possibilities that you cannot get from any other game. It is an excellent way of being and staying fit because you get to enjoy the outdoors a lot where you can take in plenty of fresh air. It is also an excellent opportunity of getting together with others.

Getting to Ride the Excitement of the Ryder Cup 2014

The Ryder Cup 2014 is one of the most highly-anticipated events in the sports calendar of any golf player and fan for good reasons, too. This is not surprising considering that past Ryder Golf Cups have set the glorious precedence for the up-and-coming 2014 event so players and fans alike have high expectations.

10 Rules for Making a Swing Change

Every now and then, golfers need to make a change to their swing patterns. There are several legitimate reasons for making a swing change, including age, chronic injury, and self-improvement. Before making a swing change, consider the big picture first.

Best Golf Courses in Devon

The best golf courses combine a suitably challenging and engaging course layout with wonderful scenery. That is why the county of Devon in South West England has some fantastic golf courses.

4 Steps to Hit More Greens In Regulation From 100 to 200 Yards

No matter how hard most golfers drive off the tee, typically they will be faced with a shot between 100 to 200 yards to reach the green. Many courses are adding par 5’s to test a golfer so having 100 to 200 yards to the green is common. Knowing how to get on the green from this range can truly help lower your overall score for the day and build your confidence.

Callaway Golf UPro MX+ GPS System Review

The Callaway Golf uPro MX+ GPS System is the only Golf GPS Device currently available to use ProMode. Find out how this exciting new feature that provides actual aerial imagery and video flyovers can help you play better golf and significantly improve your experience out on the golf course.

Golf Buddy 2012 World Platinum II Golf GPS Range Finder Review

The 2012 Golf Buddy World Platinum II GPS Range Finder has become a huge hit amongst the golfing world and is probably the best Golf GPS System currently available. Find out how the exciting new features and functions on the World Platinum II GPS Range Finder can help you to significantly improve your performance and experience out on the golf course.

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