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Play Better Golf by Remaining Injury Free

Did you know that back pain was the most common form of injury in the game of golf? Well, of course you did. With all that twisting and turning during the swing, there is little wonder that injuries can occur. There are things you can do though to avoid injury and make your overall game more comfortable and enjoyable.

Golf Sets For Beginners

You’ve decided to start playing golf for the first time and have booked your first golf lesson at the local driving range. Before your first lesson the most important thing to do is purchase a suitable set of golf clubs; a golf set is the most cost-effective addition to your setup at the beginning of your golf career instead of purchasing golf clubs individually and a golf bag to store and transport the clubs to and from the golf course or driving range.

Here Are Causes and Fixes For the Shanks in Your Golf Swing

I am reluctant to write a single word about the most dreaded golf shot on the planet. The Shank. So, without fanfare, or happy introduction, it is with remorse that I write this quick and to the point article on The Shank.

Silverhorn Golf Club

The Silverhorn Golf Club, Oklahoma City features the SilverHorn 18-hole, 6,768-yard, par 71 championship golf course. SilverHorn features four creeks. The course features 170 acres of amazingly beautiful landscape consisting of elms, oaks, hackberries and lush turf.

The Best Golf Swing Keys to Improve Your Game and Stop Slicing

Many golfers are searching for the best golf swing keys. They want to hit the ball longer and improve their game in the shortest time as possible. They simply want the inside out golf swing basics and that in under 2 hours of practicing.

Crocs Ace Golf Shoe Review

Playing golf in comfortable golf shoes is a must. If you’re a pro or wealthy – or dedicated with an understanding spouse – you can get fitted and have your own personal lasts that your shoes are built around. Crocs are inexpensive and the most comfortable shoe you will wear. Why look any further?

Top Golf Short Game Instruction

Receive quality top golf short game instruction and drastically improve your golf game! Complete list of recommended golf products available as well!

Why You Can’t Trust ShotLink Statistics

This is an article on the ShotLink system that professional golf tours use to determine statistics of each shot. It challenges the accuracy of those numbers.

Do You Practice Putting?

Putting is the technique that every good golfer or at least an aspiring player of this sport looks to master in order to be a pro at the game. The whole idea of the game is to deliver the ball into the hole by using the minimum number of tees for this purpose. And putting is one of the most important aspects of golf.

How to Find Quality Parts For Melex Golf Carts

Anyone who has tried to find parts for their Melex golf cart will already know this can be a frustrating job. This particular company has a long and interesting history, not all of it good, and finding repair parts when needed has not always been easy. Well, there is some good news, and this article looks into that.

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