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Tiger Woods and the Media Attacks

Do you recall when the media went on a 24/7 assault of the greatest golfer of all time; Tiger Woods? It seems to me and I’d like to make a serious statement here; The media needs a counter balance when it comes to “pile on effect” as things get out of control.

To Achieve Your Potential in Golf Developing Your Golfing Beliefs is a Must Have Skill

Belief is the foundation stone on which your achievement is build. As Henry Ford said; If you think you can do a thing or you think you cannot, you’re right. Belief is the starting point for achievement or mediocrity so the choice is yours. Even if you do not have the belief to achieve your dreams, you can develop them using applied psychology techniques like NLP and Mental Game for Golf.

Golf Swing Trainer – Fix Your Swing Plane With the Medicus Driver For Duffers

Discover how you can train yourself to swing on plane time and time again with the help of the Medicus Learning System. Your golf swing will track on plane back and through creating the best tee shots you’ve ever had. You’ll watch those tee balls fly long and straight, no more ugly slices or hooks. Take a minute to uncover the secrets to a perfect swing plane.

Achieve Your Potential in Golf by Developing a Must Have Skill of the Winners Attitude

Your attitude in golf is what will determine whether you play great golf or not. If you have the right attitude for learning and progressing your game you will improve leaps and bounds over anyone else. Use your mental game skills to employ the right frame of mind to play great golf and win even on days when you are not striking it as well as you can.

How to Simplify Your Golf Chip Shots!

One of the most common mistakes that the average golfer makes when it comes to golf chip shots is that they tend to use the same golf club (i.e. a wedge or sand wedge) for every chip shot! Although this may not seem like a bad idea, as you could argue that using the same golf club will give you more confidence and feel, the reality is that every golf chip you face will be different.

Fear of Failure in Golf and Staying in the Present

Do you experience 1st tee nerves or choking when you have a chance to close out and win? Do you notice the tension building and your mind beginning to race with negative thoughts and not wanting to make a bad shot at a crucial time? The very fear you are allowing is killing your golf game but you can do something about it. Tame and calm your golf nerves and get to play great golf and enjoy yourself more.

To Achieve Your Potential in Golf, the Mental Game is a Must Have Skill

The golfing wastelands are filled with golfers who had good swing mechanics but did not own the mind to operate with them under pressure. The best swing in the world will fall apart and lose matches when it is governed over by a poor mental game. Just look to the professional world and you will see potentially great golfers who cannot play anywhere near their potential because they cannot control their thinking.

To Achieve Your Potential in Golf, Putting is a Must Have Skill

How does it feel when you hit a great drive, right down the middle, nice and long? Then you get to your ball, feeling good and bursting with confidence, you whip out an iron and stripe another great shot down the fairway, onto the green 15ft from the hole. Now you are feeling really great! You get to the green, grab you putter out of your bag and wait patiently for your opposition to chip onto the green after missing their approach.

If You Want to Achieve Your Potential in Golf, Wedge Play is a Must Have Skill

You must become an artist with your wedges. These are your scoring clubs and you must be proficient enough with them so that you can get your golf ball closer to the hole where you can knock them in with your putter.

How to Buy a Golf Club Set – Questions to Ask Yourself First

Before you purchase your first golf club set, there are a few things you should think about. Let’s break it down into five questions you need to think about, whether it’s your first set of clubs or a new set you are after.

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