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Correct Golf Grip – How to Grip a Golf Club

In order to gain decent distance, you will need to learn exactly how to grip a golf club to fulfill this. I’m sure by now you have been playing golf for awhile now and know the 3 grips very well, so I will not cover that topic again in this article. Before you make your swing, simply do this quick checklist to see if your grip is accurate or not: You want to check how hard you are holding your grip.

Tips to Improve a Golf Swing – The Best Cure For a Slice in Golf

Keeping your head down during a swing is vitally important in making a good shot. Ensure your head is steady on the backswing and should only come up when it is naturally moved to do so by your right shoulder and the completion of the swing. You may find that on some of your swings, you feel slightly off-balance, either during or after your swing.

Golf Driving Tips – How Do I Get Rid of a Slice?

Everyone at some point in their golf history has sliced the ball. It’s very common and very annoying. Here’s the advice I give when friends ask me, “how do I get rid of a slice?” If you’re a right handed golfer, I know from experience that we tend to use our right hands to try and add some extra power to our shots.

Fix My Golf Swing – Correcting a Bad Slice

The more time you spend on the course, the more habits you may pick up from other golfers. Many times these habits are bad. Slicing is a very easy one to pick up but can be very difficult to lose.

Improve Your Golf Swing – Golf Backswing Tips

A common problem in golfing is messing up your backswing. I’ve occasionally seen players making their backswing, stopping their club in mid-air and attempting to check if their positioning is correct. This is obviously not the best way to check your position and without a full length mirror on the course, you don’t have too many options.

3 Tips to Fix Your Golf Swing – Get More Distance and Accuracy With the Proper Golf Swing!

With these 3 tips you can achieve a proper golf swing. Without the proper golf grip, the difficulty of making a good shot increases dramatically. While previously viewed as simply a means to hold onto the club while smacking the little white dimpled ball, grips have grown up.

Having Trouble Finding the Right Golf Swing? Learn the Proper Golf Swing Today!

With all of the golf swing information out there none of it seems to work for you? It can be difficult to know which golf swing is right for you. With this method I’ll show you the proper golf swing!

End Golf Swing Confusion Forever With the Proper Golf Swing!

Learn the method to a proper golf swing and end the confusion today. Golf is actually a simple game. So therefore simple instruction and fundamentals are key to improving your golf game and being a cut above the rest.

Golf Swing Mechanics – Golf Tips and Drills

The best drills can be practiced on the range, in your home, or in the yard. Try to avoid practicing the same drills at the same time every day; you want to mix it up a bit. If you want to do some work on your golf swing, simply visit your driving range and spend the day hitting the 150-yard flag.

Golfing Exercises – Improving Your Game and Overall Health

If you want to improve in golf, you need to realize that you have to do some golfing exercises. You need to be fit to be good in golf. This game involves whole body movement to play. This is not a lazy sport as most people think. And, exercising can improve your health and stamina. And, this can improve your game.

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