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Why Do My Approach Shots To The Green Miss To The Right?

In the event you happen to be like other golfers, you have a tendency to miss the greens off to the right. This is happening with your short to middle irons on approach shots to the green. Your approach shots continues to go weak and to the right way. It’s likely you have attempted many different methods to correct this problem. Nevertheless, you still can’t manage to understand why.

Extreme Golf

How going EXTREME can transform your golf. Get out of your comfort zone to revolutionize your game.

SKLZ Vari-Break Putting Green Review

How important is putting? It is very important, due to the fact nearly half of your strokes happen to be putts. If you are able to improve your putting you can easily drop 4 strokes during your very next round. If you are self-assured and confident using your putter, then you can definitely relax and take a good deal of stress away from you. You’ can play to the center of the green without having to aim for the tough pins. You will definitely not worry about three putting. You will feel confident that you can make those 4-6 feet putts. You will be positive when you step up to all of your putts.

The Secret To Shooting Even Par Golf

Are you a low handicap golfer, between 3-6 handicap? Are you struggling to shoot even par? You’ve been trying to shot even par but you continue to come up short. You continue to miss by one or two strokes. What exactly can you do in order to shot even par? Excellent question, and you will find that there are a number of different ways to shoot even par on the golf course.

Latest List of Top Public Golf Courses

Taking a look at the latest rankings of top public golf courses around the world, as you might expect they are still dominated by golf courses in the United States and in the British Isles. But there is a sprinkling of courses in Australia, and if you are a golfer intent on playing the top public courses in the world, your bucket list would have to include Ireland and Scotland. In this piece I will only include courses that are theoretically open to everyone, although for some you almost have to be a lottery winner to have the means to play.

Three Greatest Lessons From Arnold Palmer

Sometimes when I’m looking for different approaches to improve my golf swing, it’s best to go back to the old masters who played the game many years ago. I’ve written recently about some of the things Ben Hogan taught, and they still have a great deal of bearing on how the golf swing should be constructed, especially with amateur golfers. Some of the writings of Arnold Palmer from years ago still make a great deal of sense and here I would like to express a few of those.

Myths and Misconceptions in the Golf Swing: Part I

This 10 part series is based on notes from over 11,000 lessons I have given over the past 32 years. The first five articles illustrate common misconceptions about basic swing mechanics. Articles six through ten, reveal some myths about how the game is taught. You may not have the physical dexterity to hit 300 yard drives, but with a clear understanding of cause and effect, any golfer can learn how to score in the eighties consistently.

How to Maximize Your Stay and Play Golf Experience

Stay and play golf packages provide lots of fun for its participants. This article gives some tips on how to maximize your experience.

The World’s Most Dangerous Golf Resort Hazards

Nothing makes 18-holes at a golf resort more fun than Indiana Jones-style obstacles and booby traps. From routine sand pits to crocodile-infested swamps, these hazards are sure to add an extra thrill to your game.

Learning To Reduce Golf Scores Quick

Reducing your golf handicap can be done if you learn to work on the right things and improve your mental approach to the game. Discover some effective tips to help you get better at this difficult game and lower your scores more quickly.

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