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Thinking About Golf? Here Are Some Considerations

Golf is a strange game. Everybody sets out to have a relaxing day with colleagues or friends. It’s a time to unwind and get away from the stress of everyday life. However, too many of us find ourselves using profanity, wanting to throw our golf clubs in a lake, and swearing that we will never play again.

Black Golf Shirt – Wardrobe Favorite

A black golf shirt is one of the most reached for items in a golf wardrobe. Both guys and gals alike seem to have a great fondness for it. Many golfers would likely tell you they have more than one black shirt in their wardrobe. This certainly indicates it is a golf wardrobe favorite.

Golfer’s Workout in 4 Steps

It is important for any golfer to have some sort of workout routine to be successful. A golf course is long and with all the driving, chipping, and putting that goes on, a golfer needs to be fit. If you want a simple exercise routine that will have a big impact on your golf game, read on.

Replacing Your Own Golf Club Grips

Replacing your own golf club grips is fairly easy repair, you just need a few simple tools. Replacing grips is not expensive even when you take them in to your local golf shop, but if you are like me its the taking them in and waiting the two or three days for them to come back that is the problem. Now I simply select the grips that I want at my local golf shop and then make the repair myself.

Hitting Golf Balls in a Vain Effort to Groove Muscle Memory is the Worst Way to Train Your Swing

I quit the game of golf twice for over a year each time, through sheer frustration. I was working my socks off, hitting thousands of balls, and yet just not making progress at a pace which I thought I should given the huge amounts of practice I was putting in. I needed to be taken to one side with a knowledgeable coach who knew something about human learning and explained how to train a golf swing properly. This would not only have saved me massive amounts of time but would also have allowed me to improve much quicker without the frustration.

Golf – Learn How to Break 80 – Things You Need to Do

Just imagine how good it would feel to break 80 on the golf course consistently. I’m not talking about breaking any records or qualifying for the PGA Tour, just shooting under 80 on a regular basis. Picture for a moment how much more enjoyable your golf game would be if you could do that. The good news is that it’s possible for just about anyone, even weekend golfers to learn how to break 80.

How to Avoid the Frustration of a Bad Round of Golf

I am a teacher and coach by trade. I don’t have the time nor the money to become a scratch golfer. For years, I struggled on the golf course. Slice after slice, scores as high as my weight. Stress and frustration that I probably could have done without.

Golf Psychology – Improving Mental Focus For Golf

Improving Mental Focus for Golf is one aspect that very few amateur golfers consider. Yet, when you consider that 80% of your performance on the golf course is mental, it will make you wonder why. Have you ever wondered why professional golfers like Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods and others can play “lights out” one week and then, in the very next tournament they are in they play average. That is, average for a professional golfer.

Learn This Easy Course Management and Managing Your Golf Game Practice System For Better Golf Today

Here is a little game you can play to sharpen your course management and self discipline around the golf course. Playing this game may just teach you a few things about course management and yourself that you never realised before and how it affects your game and scoring. Playing good golf is not about taking the tough shots on, it’s knowing what the right shot is for you in every given situation.

Bunker Shots

Bunker shots can be some of the most difficult shots in golf and with good technique and strategy it can just be another part of your game instead of a headache. We are going to go over a little bit some techniques to get out of the sand and stay there. For the bunker shot make sure to open your stance, make sure everything is aligned to the left of the target, then open the club face to the right of the target.

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