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Golf Tip – Learn How to Play Your Own Game to Lower Your Score

That simple piece of advice helped me shave almost 20 strokes off my game! Let me explain. Most of us would love to hit the ball with the consistency, accuracy, and power of the pros. Most of us also don’t have the free time that it would take to practice long and hard enough to achieve that goal.

Improve Your Putting – Reading the Break of the Green to Take Strokes Off Your Game

The ability to read the break of the green can take a lot of strokes off your golf game. Improving your putting is the best way to lower your golf scores but you can teach yourself to see the contours of the green without actually being on the putting surface. This may sound like an odd approach to improving your green reading skills, but try it for a while and I think you will agree that it really helps.

The Psychology of Championship Golf

In championship golf, sharp changes of fortune are common. You may find yourself several holes down. But if you seize the chance when it comes it may well turn out to be the start of recovery. And the player whose lead is being eaten away is under greater pressure than his opponent who is fast making up leeway. Learn by reading this instructive article what you should be thinking about during a tournament. In golf there is no trick transition from rabbit to tiger class. With regular, careful practice there will be the gradual shaping of a sound, smooth swing which, once acquired, will stand up under pressure if given the chance.

Importance of Golf Putting Practice

If you’re wondering what this strange term called ‘putting’ means, let me tell you that it is a term used in golf, and it is the last step in completing a hole. With the minimum number of tees, a golfer has to get the ball into the hole, and putting is the most crucial step that clinches the contest for him.

The Basic Golf Chip Shot

Other than putting, chipping is the most important element of our game that will improve our score. It’s a simple fact, no matter how great a ball striker we are, we are going to miss greens. And if we want to keep the momentum of the round going, we have to become a solid chipper of the ball. Here is the basic technique for chipping.

The Yips

Yips are something no professional golfer wants to experience. Yips can ruin a golfing career. So how do you get rid of them?

Golf and Fitness

Golf and fitness go hand in hand. If you want to improve your golf game, improve your fitness. There are certain fitness exercises you could do to get your body in golf shape.

Curing a Golf Slice – Five Reasons Why You Slice

Curing a golf slice is easier than you think. You first must understand why you slice and then just avoiding these five bad habits will have you cutting down on slicing.

Golf Slice Cure – The Four Principle Causes of Slicing and Tips to Correct It

What to know a golf slice cure that works? You first have to understand why you slice and then you can correct the slice.

3 Simple Golf Tips to Improve Consistency

Are you looking for a few Simple Golf Tips To Improve the Consistency of your game?? Do you play one or two shots great, only to slice the next one into the trees?? With these 3 Simple Golf Tips To Improve Consistency you should be on your way to better golf in no time

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