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What To Consider When Purchasing A Youth Golf Set

One way to help children exercise their body while having fun is to get them involved with different kinds of sports. One sport wherein children will really enjoy while having their body exercised is golf. Aside from having fun and exercise, children can also learn a lot with regards to discipline and proper posture.

Your Golf Swing – Focusing on Technique

If you love golf then I am pretty sure that you know how much of an importance your golf swing yields. That’s because when you are out there on the golf course, there is nothing more important than it. It doesn’t matter if you’re fat, drunk, beautiful or ugly. What is important is that your golf swing will rule and make everyone else out there just feel dazed when they see it.

The Biggest Golf Error of All – The Hook

One of the biggest errors in golf is the HOOK whether a snap, a smother it is the most destructive shot in golf. This low, top spin, right to left shot has been a thorn in my side for years so lets look at causes and simple fixes.

Quick Grip Has Lowered My Scores!

I’ve been experimenting with new golf products my whole life. None, however, can compare to a product called Quick Grip. This product solves such a simple problem faced by many golfers, club slipping and over-gripping.

Practice vs Warming Up

Trying to practice as you warm up generally will turn a round of golf into a round of ‘golf swing’, where you are more focused on your swing and not the game. I would submit to you, in either case that you are trying to force your swing motion, creating tension, throwing you out of sync, making feel nonexistent.

Phil Mickelson Putting Stroke

The Phil Mickelson putting stroke secrets go deeper than his chosen stroke. It’s his setup, routine, grip, putter and more that is all neatly pieced together to make his putting style work.

Golf Tips – Hitting Longer Clubs From Fairway Sand

Playing from a fairway bunker can be tough for people who are not long hitters. These players need to play long par 5s and par 4s carefully. A weak shot from fairway sand can take you right out of the hole and cost you strokes in the process. But developing the ability to hit longer clubs and long-iron hybrids from the sand can keep you in these holes.

Golf Tips – Simple Drill Cures Slice And Adds More Power

Many golfers hit weak slices off the tee because they turn their upper and lower bodies in unison during the downswing. That’s not good. Your downswing isn’t a single movement but a chain of events: You move your lower body first, and then you move your upper body. Your arms and clubhead bring up the rear. It’s the same movement you use to throw a ball. The drill below teaches you the right sequence of movements.

Advantages of Enrolling in a Golf School

The golf school that you choose to train with will determine how far your will be proficient in the game and how far you can go in competing with others. If you are wanting to pursue golf seriously enough to be able to play amateur league tournaments, you would have to choose the best school that can help train you to compete at the required level. Phil Ritson-Mel Sole Golf School in United States comes to one’s mind when you look for the best schools.

Stop Slicing the Golf Ball

It is estimated that over 90 percent of the golfing population routinely slice the golf ball. Learn common ways to fix the dreaded slice and improve your golf game.

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