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Womens Golf Apparel – In Defense of Skorts

Skorts, the most blogged about style in womens golf apparel, has been a mainstay since the 60’s. They’ve been called everything from “the devil’s work” to “the best invention in womens clothing for active women in decades.” How could one style of clothing – the skort — cause such controversy?

Golf Swing Fix

Golf swing fix will give you tips on improving your swing the easy way. Fix your golf swing slice and learn to lower your golf score the simple way. Golf swing problems can be easily fixed and you will truly enjoy the game of golf.

The Dreadful Over the Top Golf Swing and How to Cure it in 2 Easy Steps!

One of the biggest flaws in golf is in fact the over the top golf swing. This is one of the most common problems because the golf swing in some ways goes against our natural tendencies to try to overpower any sport that we play. This is a miserable plan when applied to golf, because the golf swing is a very unique move, which requires a unique philosophy. Here I am going to show you three ways that you can cure your outside in golf swing, which will help you stop slicing or pull hooking the ball.

For Beginners – Golf Tips Simplified

Expert tips on beginning the game of golf. What it takes to lower handicaps quickly. Advice on discipline and practice for setting up before games.

Top 5 Golf Swing Tips – Golf Swing Training

In this article I’m going to cover some simple golf swing tips to give you a broad overview of how you can improve your overall golf game. The golf swing is fundamental when it comes to playing a good round of golf…

Five Tips to Help You Slash Your Golf Score

If you are a weekend golfer, there is no doubt you are always trying to find ways to cut strokes from your golf score. Here are five tips to keep in mind that will help you improve your game. Small changes can bring huge results!

Learn the Golf Swing – What to Know and What to Avoid When Learning

If you are looking to learn the golf swing, there are right and wrong ways to go about it. Here is what you need to do to improve the fastest and more importantly, what you need to avoid if you want any chance of getting better.

Fix Your Golf Swing Slice – These Five Steps Will Have You Playing Better Right Now

Fix your golf swing slice today and finally start having fun again and winning on your next round. It starts with these five steps.

Videos Teaching Golf

The case for videos as teaching tools. How to develop the correct golf swing. How to avoid bad habits in your golf game.

Are You Looking to Create Lag in Your Golf Swing?

So you want to get some lag in your golf swing. The main reason you might want to achieve this is to get more distance in the shot. Professionals create lag in their swing all the time.

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