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Golf Putting Tips to Lower Your Scores

Are you new to the sport of golf and want to learn how to putt like the pro’s? Well, reading this article about golf putting tips won’t have you dropping 18 footers like Tiger, but it can help you understand the basics of putting and hopefully shave a few strokes off of your score.

Simple Golf Swing Tips to Help You Hit the Ball Far & Straight

There is nothing better than a nice easy smooth golf swing. This kind of swing can make your game so much better. The more the club does the work the greater the chance that you will hit the ball further down the fairway.

The Inside Out Golf Swing and How Using it Will Drastically Improve Your Game!

The inside out golf swing is without a doubt the chief principle of a correct, powerful, and accurate golf swing. Basically what we are talking about here is the same swing principles that the professional golfers use in order to hit powerful and accurate tee shots and irons. What exactly is this methodology and how can it improve your scores? Here I am going to break down for you how this single principle can transform your golf game and have you playing great.

Golf Swing Pull – How to Stop Pulling the Ball and Shoot Better Scores Virtually Overnight!

The golf swing pull is one of the most frustrating aspects of the swing that causes many players to be inconsistent and not shoot the kind of scores they are capable of. In order to stop pulling the golf ball you must first understand the mechanics of this, and how to get back on the track for more accuracy. Here I am going to explain why pulling the ball happens, and what you can do to fix it.

How to Fix Your Golf Slice – The Many Causes of Your Golf Slice

I know from experience that slicing the golf ball is no fun. Trying to figure out how to fix your golf slice on your own is frustrating and counter-productive. There are many different causes of the golf slice, and most of them are a result of faults in your golf swing. Slicing can be caused be a combination of these faults and it’s important that you fix your slice by properly correcting your swing rather than overcorrecting one particular aspect of it.

Correcting Your Golf Slice by Adjusting Your Grip – Correcting Your Slice Might Be Simple!

So you’ve had enough of slicing the golf ball off of every tee. Correcting your golf slice does not mean aiming to the left, or buying a special new golf club, it means you have to identify the problems in your golf swing and fix them. If you’re lucky, correcting your golf slice may be easier than you think.

How to Learn Remedial Golf

In order for a golfer to improve efficiently, practice must be remedial; that is it must eliminate the specific errors which are costing him the most strokes. To do this, a number of steps are required.

Things to Know Before Getting on the Course

Because most of the time you’ll on the course you will be playing with others their are certain courtesies that you should follow to ensure that everyone has a good time. Regardless of your skill level everyone will enjoy your company more if you follow these simple rules.

How to Hold a Golf Club – Tips That Can Improve Your Golf Swing Easily!

Are your golf clubs packed away in your garage or attic just waiting for you to take them out on the course? Luckily, it is now spring and it is golf season. The great thing about golf is that you get a new chance to have a better season. Forget all about last season and concentrate on improving your game.

Some Golf Chipping Tips For Your Short Game – Around the Greens

There are many golf magazines, golf professionals, and even TV shows offering golf chipping tips. This short-game advice can be as diverse as the clubs that are recommended to carry it out, anything from a putter to a 3-wood have been offered as solutions to green-side predicaments.

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