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Golfing With COPD (Pulmonary Disease)

Having COPD shouldn’t be a deterrent for playing golf. Regular exercise can improve your strength, balance, and endurance, and strengthen your respiratory muscles. In doing so, you’ll be able to get back into those activities of daily living, like playing a round of golf, with less fatigue and anxiety.

Heavy Putter Review

The Heavy Putter has been getting a lot of hype lately. Will the Heavy Putter make you a better golfer?

The Truth About Callaway Wedges

Missing the green with a wedge in your hand is like missing your mouth with a fork! Wedges are the accuracy clubs, the scoring clubs –  they should be selected with the utmost care.  When you are not quite on top of your game they can keep a good round going.

Callaway Golf Balls Exposed

One of the best things about golf is that you can send a ball huge distances, what other object can a human propel that far under their own power?  And if you change to any of the Callaway balls, then you are sure to hit this type of golf ball even further!  Callaway balls have developed into a major threat on the tour and professionals are  winning more and more tour events worldwide with this make of golf ball.

How to Improve Your Golf Swing – Some Tips From the Tour

Learn how to improve your golf swing with some tips from the pro tour. What do average golfers and professional players have in common? At one point in time professional players had the same struggles as the rest of us, now having said that they may have been 10 when they had some of these problems but none the less they have.

Mental Golf – Finding the Right Coach

The mental golf game can be approached in many different ways. Which one works for you?

How Do I Swing a Golf Club?

No longer is golf a sport for just the rich. If you walk out to a golf course today you can find all sorts of people playing the game. However, golf is not a simple game to learn, one can’t just pick up a club and swing away. I’m sure many of us found ourselves slicing the ball left and right, not getting it where we wanted when first starting out.

Golf Swing Cure – Five Stop Slicing Golf Tips That Will Have You Scoring Lower in No Time

Finding a golf swing cure can be done when you make the decision to get help and stop slicing for good. I sliced for years and it wasn’t until I swallowed my pride and finally got help that I finally stopped slicing. You know studies have actually suggested that about 80% of golfers suffer from a slice.

The Cobra Baffler TWS 2009

Following its great success with the DWS and its dual weighting system, the Cobra Baffler TWS 2009 steps up the competition in utility metals by adding a third weight into the mix to help provide the player optimal balance with a higher Moment of Inertia (MOI) and bringing the Center of Gravity (COG) even lower. Since its introduction to the golfing market in 2006 the Cobra Baffler has been one of the best selling utility drivers on the market offering players unbeatable performance in all manner of lies.

The Callaway FTiQ Driver

Inspired by the rear end of a Lamborghini it is hard to ignore the beauty and classic lines on the Callaway FTiQ driver. This new sleek design was created with only one thing in mind and that is to give you the longest straightest drive you have ever had. The elongated depth dimensions were created to raise the MOI delivering 35% tighter shot dispersion.

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