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Lessons For Golf – Jr Golf Tournament Stress

In golf, you have to deal with stress. As a parent of a jr golf player, it can become a real issue for your player. Stress can certainly hinder your performance.

Lessons For Golf – Jr Golf Tournament Scores

In golf, it is always a challenge to consistently shoot good scores in tournaments. Even with lessons for golf, your player will sometimes play well, and sometimes play not so well. As a parent of a jr golf player, it can be very frustrating as well as exciting to watch your jr golf player in a competitive tournament. As the parent of a jr golf player myself, I know you can go through a whole range of emotions, almost on every shot your play hits.

Lessons For Golf – Parent Role

As a parent of a jr golf player, we have a specific role and responsibility. It is a hard task to not only want the best for your child, but to also know the best approach to take when dealing with their golf career. In golf, as a parent, many times your best role is to stay at a distance, and let the golf coaches have the direct involved with your jr golf player.

Lessons for Golf – Jr Golf Fitness

As the parent of a Jr golf player, I have a supportive role in the development of my son’s golf career. While I do not claim to be a golf professional, I do have several years of valuable experience (as a parent) in the world of Jr golf. In golf, not only do most jr golf players take lessons for golf, but most player’s are also extremely concerned about their overall fitness level.

How To Fix Your Golf Slice – Part 2

Most golfers struggle shooting lower scores because they hit a slice with most of their shots. This article discusses the importance of the proper sequence in the golf swing, which is critical in curing a golf slice.

Next Best Level: Garmin Approach G6

Unless you are playing at a course that had some sort of GPS unit built into the cart, or provided you with a hand held unit that you could carry on the course the only way to get GPS measurements while playing was if you owned a handheld GPS unit yourself, you can’t get anything easily that would give you the desired results. Seeing that the hand held unit is the only option until now, the Garmin Approach g6 is the latest edition with utmost features and technology that one can get in golf GPS device.

Simple Golf Swing Review – Why Golf Fitness Is Important

A simple golf swing review should always make you aware of how important fitness is to your overall golf game. Being in shape will no doubt help you shave strokes off your scorecard. Just look at what has happened in the pro game over the last couple of decades. Golfers look a lot more like athletes now than they used to, so you’ve gotta think that keeping yourself physically fit will help make you a better golfer.

Everyone Is the Best – The Dunning-Kruger Effect in Golf

The premise of the Dunning-Kruger Effect is simple. The less you know about a particular topic the more you over estimate your own skill level in it. The fun part is that we tend to notice this with other people but seem to ignore that fact with ourselves.

5 Simple Tips to Play Better Golf and Have Lower Scores NOW!

In the end every golfer strives for a lower score. Every player wants to play better golf. Nevertheless many players get so involved with proper technique that they lose the sight for the simple things they can do to improve their score immediately. If you incorporate some of the following tips into your game I am sure that you can shave some strokes of your game pretty fast.

Find Budget Golf Clubs and Start Enjoying the Game

Golf has several benefits, and golf clubs or balls do not have to be expensive to be useful. Get discounted prices on golf items online and enjoy the advantages to your pocket, health, and concentration.

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