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How to Increase Club Head Speed

One of the most common questions that amateur golfers have is how to increase club head speed? Golfers want to get more distance from their shots, and so they naturally want to learn how to swing the club faster. Typically this leads to many golfers trying to generate more power and energy by swinging harder. They’re trying to generate more energy to transfer to the golf club.

Simple Golf Swing Guru Review

Would you like to know if the Simple Golf Swing Guru guide really works? There are millions of golfers around the world today, making it one of the most popular sport and leisure activities. David Nevogt, the creator of the Simple Golf Swing Guru system, has created a guide that helps golfers get closer to achieving their perfect golf swing…

Sitting, And How It Impacts Your Golf Swing

If you tend to be sedentary and sit for a good part of the day, you’re developing imbalances in the body that will not bode well for your golf game. The problem is that most people don’t stop to think just how much they do sit during a typical day at work, in the car, or at home, and therefore don’t realize how it’s affecting their health or golf performance.

Correct Your Golf Slice – The Four Parts of a Golf Swing and How to Correct Each Part

Correct your golf slice now by focusing on the four steps. Understanding why you slice will make fixing it easier.

The Healthy Golfer

The time you spend sitting in a golf cart while you play golf could be making you fat. You may think that you are getting enough exercise while play golf, however, if you ride in a cart, you are eliminating the benefits of golf as exercise. Add a hotdog, chips, a soda or a couple of beers at the turn and you may actually be taking in more calories than you are burning.

The Importance of Golf Putting Drills and One For Practice

The drill for warming up before starting a match is vital in almost every sport, be it swimming, cricket, football or golf. The first few minutes of preparing one’s body to meet the possible challenges it will face in the upcoming match or game is very important, because without your warm-up routine, you might end up losing out on your reflexes, mental alertness and overall physical fitness.

Correct a Golf Slice – Breaking Down the Swing Into Four Parts (Why You Slice and How to Fix It)

Correct a golf slice by understanding why you slice first and then follow the steps to correct the slice. If your a novice or average golfer chances are you are slicing the ball on a regular basis. I even work with a guy who scores in the 80’s that slices as well.

Fix Golf Swing Slice – A Three Step Guide to Eliminating Your Slice

Want to fix that golf swing slice once and for all? Try this three step guide that will have you playing better in no time.

The Fun of Playing Golf and Tips on Buying Golf Equipment

Summertime is just around the corner and the amount of things people can do outside is almost endless. People that are active and really enjoy being outdoors usually get involved in their favorite sports. One of the most played sports during the summer is Golf.

Between a Rock and a Sand Trap – Rock Stars & Rock Star Golf Trophies Top the Charts

What do Alice Cooper, Glenn Frey, Tiger Woods, Bob Dylan and Kid Rock all have in common? If you guessed golf, you hit that nail on the head. Of course Tiger was the giveaway. But find out why Alice has turned out to be no slouch either.

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