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The Importance of the Short Game

So often you hear touring professionals say that your score is made from 100 yards in, so that’s where you (the amateurs they’re taking to) should spend most of your time practicing. They’re right, to a certain extent.

Reasons to Hit the Driving Range

New to golfing, or did you recently purchase new equipment? If either of these apply to you then it’s time to hit the driving range and get comfortable with golf, or with your new clubs. If you neglect the driving range not only are you likely to lose your match but you may have some extremely embarrassing shots.

Golf Practice Regimen

The skill of playing golf can only improve with every practice. The golf practice plan not only improves stamina but also the style while playing the game.

How to Be More Comfortable While Golfing

It’s important to be comfortable while you are playing golf. Find out some very practical tips for staying more comfortable while playing.

Improve Your Golf by Playing Difficult Golf Courses

There are two ways to get better at golf. One is to learn how to hit shots better. The other is to learn how to play golf better. A good way to do the second is to occasionally play a golf course that is too hard for you.

Disc Golf Approach Shot Tips

When playing disc golf, you need to work on all your shots. One shot, the approach shot, is one of the more important ones that you need to work on. Learn some tips that will help you with these shots so that you can improve your score.

Looking For Golf Putting Tips That Really Work? Learn the Secrets to Making More Putts at Golf!

Putting is arguably the most frustrating part of the golf game. Everyone seems to be looking for the latest golf putting tips to improve their short game. You can be hitting the golf ball beautifully from tee to green all day but damage your score by constantly 3 putting or missing very simple birdie or par putts.

Inside Approach Golf Swing Trainer – 3 Killer Golf Swing Tips

If you are tired of your embarrassing golf swing, then you need to see these simple techniques and apply them immediately. Use the techniques you learn today on your golf game tomorrow.

PGA Golf Tickets – Take the Opportunity to Share Spaces With Champs

The Whistling Straits course is the official host of the PGA Championship game for August 9-15, 2010. This is the third major championship being held in the venue in 12 years. With the big day almost at the threshold, procure your PGA golf tickets as soon as possible.

Golfer’s Fairway Dysfunction

Many golfers have a hard time hitting fairways. Here are some tips to straighten you out.

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