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How Does Golf Swing Tempo Affect My Game?

There are several hints and tips that can help you get your golf swing tempo into a nice rhythm. Some teachers will tell you to swing lower on the backswing, while others will tell you to power through the ball. The key is to find tips that work for you.

Golf Range Finders – Lower Your Score With A Golf Range Finder

Golf range finders can help you shave a few strokes off your score. Being able to know the exact distance to the hole rather than just guessing will let you know exactly which club to choose.

Buy Golf Shoes – A Few Things You Should Consider Before Making That Choice

Good golf shoes play a huge part in how well your golf strokes are, while putting on a good golf shoe be rest assured that the energy from your swing will be properly transferred to the ball when your golf club makes contact with the golf ball. Golf shoes are an important part of your ensemble, as they not only contribute towards your appearance but also can substantially help improve your game. The golf swing calls for a lot of torque and motion in your body as it rotates to build that energy needed for the next to perfect golf shot…

How to Play Better Golf From Start to Finish

The game of golf is beyond the physical. There is a spiritual angle, dimension or part of the game. Golfing is basically a mind game. To play better in a game of golf from hole 1, you start by first developing the correct mental mindset.

Custom Golf Balls – Do it Your Way

Nowadays, advances in printing technologies have made it a whole lot easier and a lot less pricey to have your own custom golf balls made. With high resolution printing available in an array of colors, it has become possible to print complicated logos upon virtually any of the brand name golf balls currently available in the marketplace. To procure your very own custom balls isn’t difficult.

Beginner Golfers Golf Tips – Do We Play Better Golf With Brand Name Clubs?

As a new golfer trying to concentrate not only on “how to play golf” but also correct swing mechanics, I have often wondered whether the golf clubs I use make a difference. This article explores my personal results.

Putting Tip – Give Your Putting the Quiet Eye Technique For Duffers

Discovered: A simple way to help struggling golfers improve their putting. Putting is more than just mechanics. It requires extreme focus and concentration to putt like a pro. Uncover the secret to getting into “the zone” and begin making more putts and lowering your handicap today.

Tiger Woods’ 9 Favorite Golf Holes

Tiger Woods 9th favorite hole is the 12th Hole at Augusta National Golf Course called “Golden Bell”, a par 3, 155 yards. According to Augusta National the hole is a bear to play because of the swirling winds. It’s all about distance judgment here. You must play to a very narrow green guarded in front by Rae’s Creek, the White House Secret Service and tons of sand in front and behind.

Golf – The Evil Way of Winning

There are simple and easy to learn techniques that will give you the upper hand over your competition. It doesn’t matter if your competition is friendly or not because this information can give you a mental edge in any situation during the game.

Can Your Clubs Make a Difference?

To keep up together with your golfing buddies stay current with the technology that can help you golf better. Check out what improvements you can achieve with a new set of clubs.

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