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Developing Your Best Golf Swing Requires Method Not Magic

Are you among the vast majority of golfers who are constantly searching for ways to improve that painfully revealing final score? Well, take heart in knowing that most any golfer will do pretty much anything to improve the quality of their game.

Golf Mental Game – Coping With Golf’s Emotional Rollercoaster For Duffers

Did you know you create your future by how you react to the present? Sounds abstract maybe even crazy. But imagine you just hit your first bad shot of the round. How many times has that ruined the hole or the entire round for you? It doesn’t have to be like that. Discover the mental technique that will keep you playing your best all round long.

Customizing a Golf Club

Customizing your golf club is simple and well worth the effort you put in it. It can be done in just a matter of minutes. We’ll show you how easy it is.

Golf – Should You Remove the Flag Stick Or Leave it in the Hole?

When you are watching golf on the television have you ever wondered what goes through the players’ minds when deciding whether to remove the flag stick while putting or to leave it in the hole? According to the official rules this is a decision which each player has to make and you are permitted to leave the flag stick in the hole and ask your caddy or a fellow player to watch over it or to remove it and place it off the green while putting out.

Golf Graphite Shafts For You

The hottest topic in golf is the graphite shaft. How true are the claims of extra distance? How much do the clubs cost, and are they worth it? Should you be getting graphite – Shafted Clubs?

How to Swing Properly

Many golfers today have spent many years working for the most luxurious golf equipment company in the world designing golf balls for professional and recreational golfers. They always observe how the best golfers in the world strike golf ball after golf ball, with laser-like precision and power. One common question most golfers have in their mind is how professional golfers can do this. What are their secrets?

Parts of a Good Golf Swing – Why Ball Position Matters

This article talks about ball position in the golf swing. It highlights ball position on the tee shot, iron shots, and while putting.

Golf Wrist Cock – Why is Learning the Proper Golf Grip Important?

One of the most important factors of a perfect game of golf is your grip. How you handle and grip your club, learning and understanding what golf wrist cock is, and getting the perfect hit every time you swing your club.

Beginner Golf Tips For First-Time Golfers

If you’re thinking about trying out golf as a sport then you better start digging up beginner golf tips to help you get ready for a fun time on the green. First-timers tend to buy the gears and accessories for golf without even considering that their body needs to be trained first to become good at it.

Secrets of a Golf Swing That Will Have You Playing the Best Game of Your Life

How would you like to learn to play a better game of golf? Improve your golf swing and become better than the average player.

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