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See the Next Shot on the Course Before You Take It

How many times in your golfing life have you heard someone say, ‘Visualize the shot’? Yet many of us simply don’t know how to go about this task of visualizing. So what’s the process in visualizing? The first component, as with anything else in life, is practice. No one should expect to be able to attempt visualization for the first time and be able to do so accurately.

The Golf Psychology of Hitting a Great First Shot

Pros have an insider, pro golf psychology strategy for hitting a great first shot. You start by setting a goal to nail your very first shot. This puts pressure on your opponent right from the start.

Golf Swing Fundamentals – Hitting the Ball

From the type of grip that you choose, to the follow through on the backswing, the perfect golf swing requires a great deal of concentration and execution. Apprentice and professional golfers alike will tell you that mastering golf swing fundamentals are the keys to the ideal golf swing. While learning how to swing a golf club will take lots of practice, there is plenty of golf swing analysis software in the marketplace to help show you the correct way of hitting the ball. Are you learning how to play the game of golf, and need some useful tips on the best golf swing? Would you like to improve on the mechanics of your golf swing? Then help yourself to this step by step method on the correct way to drive the golf ball down the fairway like a pro.

General Golfing Review

The sport of golf is without a doubt a perfection club-and-ball sports activity, in which contending golfers making use of numerous kinds of golf clubs, endeavor to strike golf balls into every hole on a golfing course whilst implementing the fewest amount of swings. It is actually one of the only a handful of ball games which does not need a standardised playing area.

Align Yourself To Make A Good Golf Swing

Stance and alignment are two different terms in golf, but they’re connected in a way that can dramatically impact the trajectory of your pending shot, whether it’s a drive or a 3-inch putt. Your stance is the way you approach the ball.

Golf: A Pre-Shot Checklist

If golf were a simple game, all we would have to do is pick a club, hit the ball, and start walking. Fortunately, golf is more complicated than that. We have to think before we hit any shot, and the more thinking the better.

How to Correct a Slicing Golf Swing

Working to achieve that perfect golf swing is the elusive holy grail for millions of amateur and possibly hack golfers. The same is true for professional players because they’re constantly working on their swings, form, putting, driving, and on and on. Luckily there are all sorts of things that you can do to make sure that your swing is good.

Golf Putting Tips – How to Know If You Have the Proper Putting Stroke

Putting is intuitive. It is done on the green with the aim of getting the ball into the hole using a putter. Even without help from a golf professional, many golfers figure out how to putt by themselves. You make a much shorter, abbreviated swing with the putter so that the ball goes a very short distance. We often differ from our playing partners in putting grip, ball position, stance, posture and even putting technique. Despite feeling comfortable, we may wonder if we are doing the right thing. However, the perfect putting method does not exist and golfers should aim to have a putting stroke that feels comfortable and repeatable on the golf course instead. Ask yourself these 3 simple questions. If you answer YES to all of them, congratulate yourself on having a proper putting stroke that suits you.

Get the Perfect Golf Swing – 5 Incredible Tips

Amazing tips that will help you improve your golf swing and get better results. Split into 5 easy points this will set you on the way to being a fantastic golfer!

Steps for Correcting a Golf Slice – Correcting a Slice Will Improve Your Golf Game

A couple straightforward strategies on correcting a golf slice is capable of doing wonders for how much joy you will have understanding the game. A golf slice before long starts to take root in your mind and regardless of the actual physical transformations you make in an attempt to correct a golf slice, your body and mind usually drops back into your routine of slicing the golf ball time and time again.

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