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More Distance – The Right Way

Who doesn’t want more power, or more precisely more distance! So what’s the secret? Bulk up so you can swing like a wild man? Of course not.

3 Tips to Ruin Your Golf

I own several golf related websites and that reason I set them up is that it allows me to work and play at the same time. If I want to sneak off from the office to play golf then I just call it research. I love golf and play regularly, I even teach on a part time basis and despite having no formal qualifications I have had some success. I hope that this gives me some insight into the game of golf and as a learning process I am going to do the exact opposite of what most teachers do I am going to show you how to ruin your game.

Golf, Repetition Learning – More Help to Avoid Wasting Your Time

In this article you can read some of the things that go toward making a poor lesson and what you can do to make sure that you not only get value for money, but also make sure that you will learn something. Yes you can query your coach if he is not doing the right thing for you to learn, but we cannot question another persons teaching unless we know what the rules are ourselves. Here again I would like to empower you with knowledge so you can take charge of, and have input in, your own improvement.

How to Hold a Golf Club – The Right and Wrong Ways

Knowing how to hold a golf club is critical. Even if your swing is picture perfect, having a faulty grip will ruin it.

Start a Golf Fitness Training Program Today

Many golfers are getting involved in golf training fitness programs. An improvement in golf fitness is showing an improvement in the players level of play.

The Golf Tee Shot – How to Kill Your Tee Shot

Mastering the golf tee shot is critical. Most players make it rocket science, but the truth is it’s much easier than you think. Here’s how to improve instantly.

4 Simple Techniques to Controlling Your Golf Shots

Every time I pick up my golf club, I have the feeling of wanting to hit the golf ball as hard as possible. It really feels great putting my full strength into the shot, the problem with this is almost always when I try to hit the ball harder my golf game seems to suffer. Are you suffering from this as well?

Golf Tip For a Better Golf Swing

Here’s a genuinely effective tip that could assist you to do away with your slice. Best of all, it’s actually jolly easy once you master it and realize why it’s being employed. As you enter the impact zone, there are actually only 2 constituents that can decide the “shape” of ball trajectory.

How to Fix a Golf Slice – Tips That Work

Many players think the answer to how to fix a golf slice is as complex as rocket science. Actually it’s ridiculously simple when you do it right…

Discover Your Dominant Eye to Target Precisely For Peak Golf Performance – Article Series 3 of 13

This article discusses how you can discover your DOMINANT EYE with an easy test you can do anywhere. It is imperative that you know which is your more dominant eye for golf, as you must use this dominant eye to target precisely. You will only play your best golf when your are targeting using the human system’s natural ability to do this.

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