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How to Improve Your Golf Swing – 3 Simple Techniques

Who doesn’t want to improve their golf swing? Even the professionals are never happy with their swing. Because the golf swing is so technical there are many things you can change. But really, it’s the simple things that have the biggest impact. Find out how they can change your game.

What Golf Driver is Best For Beginners? Don’t Be Fooled by All the Hype!

How would you like to drive the ball long and straight? If you are just beginning to take up golf, actually getting the ball off the ground when you’re driving is one of the hardest things to do. A lot of people make the mistake of buying a beginners golf driver. Don’t make this mistake.

The Preshot Routine

Getting into the preshot routine is one of the most important parts of your routine. I have found that over time, we each develop our own routine, so its really not best to try to “copy” someone else’s. A preshot routine will help you relax and make a great swing toward your intended target.

Putting Tips From David Leadbetter

A couple of great putting tips from David Leadbetter’s book, “100% Golf.” If you’re looking to improve your putting, give the “Trap the Gate,” “Water Bottle,” and “One Handed Roll” techniques a shot.

Refiner Golf Club Review – Will it Fix My Golf Swing Flaw?

Use the Refiner Golf Club to detect faults on your golf swing and correct them properly. You will find this golf training aid easy to work with as the patented hinge will break immediately if a flaw has been detected, giving you instant feedback and allowing you to correct the flaw with ease.

Golf Swing Power – How to Generate the Power For Unbelievably Long 300 Yard Drives!

Imagine for a moment being able to generate power that the professionals do. Wouldn’t it be incredible if you could make 300 yard drives! The good news is, it’s possible for anyone, all you need to do is generate the swing power.

The Position of the Right Hand in the Golf Grip

The right hand is obviously just as important as the left in getting the club to set correctly into the swing. To start, with the left hand in its proper position, lay the club along the first joints of the middle two fingers of the right hand (the middle and ring finger). The forefinger will “hook” around the shaft, the club sitting along the second joint.

The Position of the Left Hand in the Golf Grip

The Grip Combined with the correct setup, having the correct grip on the club will help activate all of the muscles in the arms that need to be activated, it will help your two arms perform as one. When the correct grip is learned, it also aids in developing touch for a variety of shots; hitting it low, high, left, right, and all else. In other words, the grip is crucial.

Setting Up the Arms For the Golf Swing

Setting up the arms for the golf swing is vital. This article talks about their proper positioning.

Golf Psychology and Learning

When you are learning golf, it can feel like there is really just too much to ingrain into our bodies. This is exactly what its supposed to feel like. Although some may learn more quickly than others, if we have never done something before, we still must all go through these learning stages at some level.

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