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Using Swing Width to Add Distance (Flexibility Required)!

If you are over 50 and are losing distance on your golf drives, the likely culprit is NOT “age” or strength, it is swing width. Fix your swing width problem today and add 10 yards to your drive tomorrow.

What You Should Know About Golf Etiquette

Golf is a unique sport that does not have any referees or umpires to decide on the conduct of the players. It relies mostly on the integrity of the players in making sure that they play fair and follow the rules. This is just one of the many reasons why playing golf is considered to be a gentleman’s sport.

Cardinal Rules for Being a Better Golfer

We think there are a few rules of golf that if everyone adhered to the golf course would be even a better place than it is. Mind you, most golfers put most of these rules into practice most of the time, but being human we all slip up. So let’s say this is just a friendly reminder of things we should always (or never) do on the golf course.

Are You Obsessed With Golf? What You Should Identify or Look for When Searching for a Golf Course?

Are you planning to relocate in Bangkok, Thailand? Most job opportunities in Thailand are in Bangkok and a lot of top foreign workers who are working there choose to live a comfortable life by staying in plush apartments and condos. Many real estate companies offer several features in their products to entice or lure one in choosing to live in a luxurious condo in Bangkok.

The Perfect Golf Swing – Is Yours Lost In Translation?

I’m sure you’ve experience this before – you’ve chosen your club, lined up your shot and gone through your preparation ritual and then… aaarrrhhh! What came out at the end of the process definitely wasn’t what you thought you’d put in at the start! But are you doing what you really think you’re doing? You may be surprised by the answer.

Select the Best Location for Your Indoor Golf Facility

Retail location is an essential decision to drive success in just about any business. Learn about several critical factors you should consider in selecting the best location for an indoor golf center. The keys shared are based on extensive research on the indoor golf industry.

Golf Scoring – How to Calculate Your Putting Handicap

Learn how to calculate your putting handicap to identify weak areas of your golf game. Determine strengths and weaknesses of your putting.

These Five Tips Can Perfect Your Putt

When trying to improve their golf game, too many people focus on their swing alone. It’s teeing off that is the most dramatic and exciting part of golf and everyone wants to be able to send their little white ball sailing through the air.

Perfect Your Golf Swing With These Four Tips

In golf there are few things more important than your swing. This is what will get you off to a good start and put you near the hole so that you can finish off, and this is what will help you to gain the big advantages over your opponent.

Tiger and the Buddha

This is the complete life story of the golf legend Tiger Woods from his early childhood to his golden retirement years as this writer imagines it using the charting tools from My Life Map: A Journal to Help You Shape Your Future (Penguin Books, November 2012). This is only an example of how Tiger’s life may evolve, and is not based on any direct contact with the legendary golfer.

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