Scottie Scheffler Q&A: The Masters champion discusses his wild 2022 and how life has changed

The Game Of Golf Is Control

Hit the ball, which is all you have to do. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Whoever gave you that advice is not playing the game of golf. Are you frustrated because you got this type of advice? As you look at others playing golf did you find yourself at a terrible disadvantage because of this false information?

Golf Stance: Tips for a Solid Foundation

Body mechanics are important in the everyday activities we do. When we carry our bodies properly, we prevent strain and injury to our muscles and joints. Lifting objects, walking and running become easier and more efficient.

Keeping Score in Golf

In most games, the player or team who scores the most points wins. In golf, however, the opposite is true: The player with the lowest score wins. It is this fact that makes scoring in golf a bit confusing to those who do not take the time to really understand it.

Golf Tips for Beginners 101

The game of golf has enticed the younger generation these days. It used to be that only the senior citizens find enjoyment in walking the vast expanse of the golf course as they try to hit a white pockmarked ball with a club. Now, the younger set has found golf actually interesting and engaging.

Safety Tips in Driving a Golf Cart

Golf carts are now a common feature in any golf course. They certainly make navigating the wide expanse of a golf course easier. They also save time by transporting players to the teeing ground and to any of the holes thereafter much faster.

Stretching Exercises to Do Before Tee Time

Golf may look easy compared to other sports. After all, it does not require a lot of running and hustling compared to basketball or football. However, it does not mean that this does not exert the body at all. On the contrary, the repetitive twisting and rotation of the trunk puts tremendous stress on the spine that makes it prone to injury. Flexibility exercises do a lot to reduce this kind of stress and your chances of injury. Besides, the more flexible you are, the better your golf swing is going to be.

The Importance of Taking Golf Lessons

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re already taking a few swings with a club or are interested in the game of golf. Beginners in the game brought mainstream by Tiger Woods are often faced with this all-important question: Do I need to take golf lessons? The answer to this is a resounding “Yes!” Read on to find out why.

Why Men Love Golf

What does golf have to offer that other sports don’t? What is it about golf that makes men love it? Why do men obsess over golf? These are probably questions a lot of people are asking about the sport, and why companies pay gazillions of dollars to people like Tiger Woods just to play in an event.

Golf Club Driver – From Tee to Green

Use your golf club driver to drive off the tee once. Hit a long distance, straight and accurate golf ball towards your target. Once should be enough as this tells people you are confident and ready to play a game of golf. Are you falling short and want to be able to gain another twenty, thirty or more yards?

What’s the Proper Golf Attire?

Like any other sport, golf requires players to wear proper golf attire. Most golf courses require dress codes, strictness of observance of which varies on how upscale the range is. While the general perception is that golf courses require dress codes to distinguish themselves as a sport for the upper class, the truth of the matter is wearing appropriate golf attire serves a practical purpose. It does not only identify you with the sport, it also keeps you comfortable as you play under the sun for a long time. Even the prescribed footwear serves to cushion your feet and stabilize your body as you do your swing.

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