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The Golf Slice Fix

There are only two possible reasons why golfers slice the golf ball. This article deals with fixing the major one of those two problems. Learn a great, simple golf drill to teach you to fix this problem.

Golf Irons

What are irons exactly, when you’re talking about golf? When I first started, I was completely lost, and couldn’t make heads nor tails of the clubs, and it was very confusing and frustrating. Maybe I can help by telling you a little bit about iron clubs and what they’re used for, as compared to woods and putters.

Graphite Irons – The Pros And Cons

Amidst the debut of graphite irons some seasons back, quite a few golfers have ditched their metallic shafts and replaced them with graphite. The one aspect that was for the most part responsible for this change was more distance, and distance sells. As golfers around the world continuously strive for length, do they give up additional crucial aspects of what makes a top golf club and ultimately a better golfer?

The Number One Thing To Focus On For Longer Golf Drives

In this article you’ll discover the number one thing you should focus on for longer drives. Without doing this it can cost you 31 yards in distance per drive!

How To Hit Longer Golf Drives This Weekend

In this article you will learn how to hit longer golf drives. This article explains 3 simple things you can do easily to hit longer drives this weekend.

3 Golf Driving Tips For Longer Golf Drives

Discover 3 simple things you can do to improve your golf drives now. Longer golf drives can be yours quickly by doing these 3 golf driving tips.

Developing Solid Golf Swings

If you should turn into an excellent golf player, it is best to start off by understanding each of the specifics of swinging and hitting the golf ball which entail your goal, your grip, the posture and alignment of one’s body and most of all of your physical fitness, which is the basis of a great swing. The basis of a golf player who has a great swing would be the all round entire body fitness. A golf player need to generally be match to deliver a superb swing.

Improve Your Golf With Proper Nutrition

Just like every other sport, golfers require appropriate nutrition that will aid them in reaching the very best outcomes at the program. It is also vital relating to coaching and recovery just after a round.

Putting Techniques – Is It Possible To Learn Them From The Internet?

Golf has to be one of the most popular sports worldwide with over 58 million people enjoying a round, so it is common sense that the number of people looking to improve their game is going to be numerous too. With the internet becoming a major part of people’s lives it is only a matter of time before they start trawling through all the information readily available in an attempt to solve their golfing problems.

How To Find Golf Lessons on the Internet

Whether you are a absolute beginner or a novice golfer, it has become much easier these days to locate and take golf lessons from the internet that you can use at home or a your local golf range, given your local weather permits it. Since the Internet was introduced to the general public, more and more PGA professionals have set up sites that give you examples of proper putting alignment to how to drive the ball and take lots of strokes off of your game.

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