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Golfing Tips For Beginners

Golf is a subtle game and thankfully it does not take too much to learn the basics. But beware that once you have learnt it you can easily get addicted to golfing and its many nuances. There are many different ways of learning how to golf. For example, senior pros are a good source and one of the best options for a beginner is to hire a personal instructor. The following will help you start the learning process.

Proper Set Up For the Junior Golfer

Having the proper set up learned early will help increase the learning ability of the Junior Golfer. Practicing this step by step instruction will make the set up come naturally.

How To Find The Best Bargains For Golf Gear

Finding suitable clubs is only half of the equation. Now you have to pay for them! Yes golf clubs are an expensive item, and in fact most golf gear, from apparel to trundlers can shrink your wallet in a jiffy, so how do you get the golf gear that you want and need without breaking the bank?

Golf Basics – Do You Want to Play Serious Or for Fun?

Golf is the sort of game where you can be a very serious player or you can have a walk a few beers and hit the ball without any worries but how do you decide which is for you and what basics do you really need to know? You will need to look at if you plan to play golf regularly or if you play on impulse when the weather is good and your friends say lets go a hit some balls.

Learning How to Golf May Surprise You!

You may think that golf is a boring and relatively sedentary sport, but nothing could be further from the truth! Try learning the basics and you may find that it is interesting, relaxing and a good workout.

Three Simple Steps To Better Golf

There is more to scoring better in golf than the golf swing. Take these golf tips about the three biggest problems for amateur golfers, use them, and lower your scores.

How Tension and Lack of Flexibility Affect Your Golf Swing

All golfers begin with that perfect grip, and the ideal set-up, with body properly aligned toward the target. However, as the club is pulled back, most golfers inadvertently grip the club tighter. This causes unwelcome tension throughout the wrists, arms, and shoulders.

Learn How To Fix A Bad Putting Stroke – 3 Ways That Work Like A Pro

So what exactly does it take to fix a bad putting stroke? Less strength usage? Lengthier visualizations? Or is it just a slight improvement to fix the whole matter? Learn more on 3 important putting tips to make your game better.

Golf – How to Interest Your Child in Golf

So how can you get your child interested in golf? Or any sport for that matter. Well this is where I sit with this one, I would love my son to grow and become the best golfer in the world and sink the winning putt at the Ryder Cup.

Golf Clubs For Beginners

One usual advice that a beginner from this game will receive is to go for a cheaper but brand new set of golf clubs or to buy the far cheaper second hand or used golf clubs. The fact that these golf clubs are cheap or are used does not make you less or more of a beginner. Moreover, it is just a practical way of starting from the beginning. Not unless, of course if you are really rich and you don’t mind spending a fortune for a sport that you will be playing maybe once in a blue moon.

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