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How Good a Golfer Do You Want to Be?

This article discusses the steps it takes to become a better golfer. If you want to be a more serious golfer that always strives to improve, then you need to know what steps you need to take to get there. There are four components to consider if you want to be any good at this game. Each takes concerted effort to achieve. Getting the right training and devoting the time to practice is essential to being competent in each.

Discover What You Want To Know: How To Lower Your Golf Score Quickly and How To Improve Putting Fast

You can lower your golf scores quickly if you can answer the question of how to improve putting fast! Why is the subject of Putting neglected so much when it’s relevance to your scores is so important. Get a outlook at yourself and the things regular people do to help you understand the quickest easiest and most permanent way to lower your golf scores.

Golf Tips For Pitching: Secrets the Pros Use To Have The Best Short Game

There is something the pros do to have a dominate short game that the amateurs don’t know about. It’s not about the amount of time spent practicing, it’s the way the practice. If you know this, you too can have a dominate short game.

Reducing Tension

As long as I have been playing golf, I’ve heard and read that tension in the golf swing is a “shot killer.” I never understood how there could not be tension when we are told to keep a certain grip pressure, to keep our left arm straight in the backswing, to turn our hips back and then forward, to rotate our wrists one way then another, etc. All golf swing movements require some form of muscle strength (contraction). Muscle contraction translates to tension plain and simple.

Use the Pendulum Stroke for Putting

Whether you are a fan, an enthusiast or a player of the game of golf, you’ve probably heard of the term putting and the need for the stroke to be like a pendulum. What does this mean you may ask? Well the pendulum putting stroke is when you power your putts using your shoulders and you keep your arms, hands and wrists quiet.

How to Measure Your Putting Aptitude

You might think that just because you’re practicing you are already able to improve your putting, but how do you really know if you are getting better? By charting your progress with this putting test.

Drills to Help You Practice Your Putting

Unfortunately for most of us, we barely have the time to practice putting. Some of the more avid golfers are luckier to even just finish with one round per week. We barely have the time or the inclination to practice putting. That makes it all the more important to practice efficiently on the right things.

Putting Side Saddle

Legendary golfer Sam Snead was one of the greatest golfers to ever play the game, however despite his immense talent he still had times where he would be putting terribly. This happened in the middle of the 1960’s when he was in his 50’s. This was when he decided to switch to the croquet-style of putting. Putting croquet-style means that you stand facing the putting line with your legs straddling the ball.

Golf Chipping Tips and Techniques

One of the best ways to master the golf chipping technique is to use the golf aid such as Pivot Pro to make sure that you will be able to make consistent swings and hits for crisp and chip shots. This is actually the world’s first pivot training aid for golfers to improve in golf, especially in golf chipping technique. This training aid is made for golfers of all ages and this actually helps a lot especially in the improvement of their pivots. It because of its special design to remind any golfer that he/she does not need to lift their leg up. All it takes is this easy to bring device in order for you and your body to get used to making correct swings and positions. It also helps and enables a golfer to work on proper pivoting and it will also help in eliminating the wrong doings that usual beginner golfer does such as swaying excessively which usually results to bad shift of weight and lack of club head speed will be gone because of Pivot Pro.

The Short Game in Golf: The Secret Most Amateurs Do Not Know That Can Shave 7 Strokes Off Their Game

80% of our strokes come from 100 yards and in. The quickest and easiest way to lower your score, is to practice this part of your game. Here you will learn quick and easy tips to have a successful short game.

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