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Learn How To Cure a Slice For Good

For a lot of golfers, figuring out how to correct a slice is a top priority. Though there are plenty of other sorts of golf shot weaknesses (hook, shank, etc.), none are as frustrating or annoying as that wild curve ball off to the right. The good news? Understanding how to cure a slice doesn’t need to get complex or confusing!

How to Have Fun Choosing a Golf Shirt

Nothing in the many rules of golf preclude you from having fun. This goes especially for choosing your golf shirt. Read this article and you may just learn something to light up your next game.

How to Aim Accurately in Golf

Once you have a good grip it is vital that the whole swing is aimed in the correct direction. Whilst that may sound easy, believe me, even the best players in the world constantly check this aspect of their game because they know that it is easy to misalign both the clubface and the body. Once this happens then some compensation in the swing must be made if the ball is to finish on target.

Improvements You Might Need to Make to Your Golf Game

Enhancing your golf swing sequence is often an overwhelming task that may occasionally appear impossible. Enhancing golf swing is actually nothing more than practicing good stance and central balance.

Long Drive Golf Tips for the Beginner

Most golfers who’ve played the game for any length of time measure their skill one of three ways: By their handicap; By their winnings; By their driving distance. A few long, accurate drives during a round can make any golfer feel great about his or her game, but all too often golfers sacrifice score and accuracy as they attempt to match distances with their favourite PGA pros. So how can the average golfer improve his driving distance and accuracy without inflating his or her score? Here are a few simple golf tips:

Fix A Golf Slice Today

The golf slice is the curse for many but can easily be corrected with a little knowledge and practice. In this article you will find what causes a golf slice and how to fix it. Described are a couple of drills, if practiced, that will improve your golf swing today.

Learn How to Prepare for Bad Weather and Enjoy Golf in the Rain

It is estimated that over 80% of golfers do not prepare adequately to cope with playing golf in the rain. Make sure that you are not one of them. Find out how to keep dry and score well on the golf course. I have experienced playing golf in all sorts of inclement weather.

How To Play Golf

Nearly 50% of all golfers are unable to shoot a score under 100 for 18 holes, and only 5% are able to shoot scores in the seventies. This is due mainly to the fact that most golfers never receive good, quality instruction. In order to learn golf and have an opportunity to excel at the game, most beginners need a step by step plan for learning the game provided by a qualified golf instructor.

How One Good Stroke Will Have You Hooked on Golf

Who knew the game of golf was so much fun. Before you judge the game you definitely should play the game.

Modern Golf Clothing – Performance As Well As Style

Gone are the days of baggy khaki trousers and over-sized navy polo shirts. Golf has moved on. It is an Athletic sport now. Dominated by young guns. The modern day golfer is in great shape.

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