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Golfers Use Yoga to Target Problem Areas

You probably have certain areas of your body you will want to work on. For example, you may want to increase your core strength. Yoga can provide you with exercises to work on your core strength. You will start by conditioning your abdominal area, and continue on with your obliques. By strengthening your abdominal area they will help strengthen and support your lower back

Yoga As a Golf Fitness Program

Yoga has some standard exercises or poses, which will help the senior golfer in regaining his or her flexibility. The good news is “you are never too old” to start these exercises. As in most exercise you have not done in a while, it is always best to start slow. Yoga includes not only the poses and the movements, but also proper breathing while performing these movements is an important aspect.

Senior Golfers Take a Different Approach to Their Game

Just because it is believed to be inevitable for a senior golfer to experience a decline in performance, does not mean it has to be that way. If you are a senior golfer, don’t give up. The old adage it’s all downhill from here will only be true if you let it. The senior golfer will experience more difficulties in maintaining the same level of performance as he or she did in their younger years, but it is still possible

Golf Tips – Use a Trigger to Start Your Swing

Every golf swing begins somewhere. By using a swing trigger you can improve your takeaway and improve your golf shots.

The Importance of Using a Golf Swing Trainer

Assistive golf tools in the form of weighted clubs are new thing to hit the trend of swing trainers in order to establish correct swing habits into a golfer’s muscle memory. They are designed to go into an accurate swing plane during every swing them and to educate the golfer into hitting using exact timing and stroke.

Improving Your Swing With a Golf Swing Trainer

If you are in the market for a golf swing trainer, you will want to try on with a dual hinge to help you improve your golf game. A double hinged golf aid in this category come in various forms, such as drivers, 5-irons, or 7-irons.

Golf Tips – Rotate, Don’t Slide

A common problem for many golfers is sliding their hips when they swing instead of correctly shifting their weight and rotating their body. This drill will help reinforce the correct way to shift your weight.

Golf Tips – Picking a Spot to Tee Your Golf Ball

The tee box allows you to choose from where you hit the first shot of the hole. These tips will help you choose wisely.

Golf Tips – The Takeaway

Croquet and golf have some similarities. But can you improve your golf swing by watching croquet players?

The Taylor Made Golf Clubs Discussed

When talking about golf, you should learn the language of Taylor Made. And why, you might ask. Well, this is the brand of golf equipment considered as the most famous there is.

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