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Square the Lines and Sink More Putts

Isn’t it annoying to see a perfect tee shot sail down the middle of the fairway followed by a cracking iron shot to within three feet of the pin go waste because the putt went by the left hand side of the cup and ended up another 3 feet further than the original putt. Now we’re faced with a six footer to save par. How many times have we been in this position?

Tips to Help Improve Your Golf

It takes a lot of time and patience to improve your golf swing. It takes a lot of practice as well as patience if you want to hit those Long irons. There are a number of e books and tips you could find online which would help improve your golf swing, they would have tips which would improve your strokes with the 1 through 4 irons. These are usually considered the hardest to use and hit. No matter how many e books you may read there are a few basic tips which would help you hit long shots with ease and with confidence.

Finding The Right Golf Simulator

Finding the right golf simulator can be tricky. There are only a few that accurately reproduce your distance and ball flight. This article explains the technical info you need when buying or hiring a Golf Simulator.

Most Successful Golf Techniques

When learning how to play golf, you must realize the subtle accuracy and movements required to master the game. By following the golf techniques below and applying some practice, you will become a great player in no time.

What Is The Proper Golf Apparel?

When you decide to take up golf, there are several questions that you will need answered before you even begin. From which set of golf clubs is the best choice for you to whether you need a few lessons to start. What kind of courses are available in your area?

Get More Golf Distance With These Tips

Getting more golf distance from your tee shots is an easy way to lower your golf score because you have less yardage to make up with your irons. Here are a few tips to follow that will add golf distance to your tee shots.

3 Keys to Generating Power to the Golf Swing and Adding Distance to Your Drives

There are many ways to generate extra power in your golf swing. I have listed a few ways and how tour pros take advantage of these techniques. I have also provided a few drills that will help ingrain some of the fundamentals pros use every day.

Golf Costa Rica: Valle Del Sol Golf Community

Costa Rica has always attracted many retirees due to its perfect weather and tax benefits that they enjoy. If you are an avid golfer or even an occasional duffer, Costa Rica offers several options for golf course communities or areas that are close to golf courses where you could live. Valle del Sol is one of the best in the San Jose area.

Transition, Impact and Follow Through

In this golf tip I will talk about how to complete the back swing along with the transition, impact and follow through. This golf tip works well with a sound one piece take away.

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