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Where to Look If You Cannot Pinpoint Where Your Golf Swing is Going Wrong

Most golfers, and especially beginners, spend more time learning and then improving their swing than they spend on any other aspect of their game. Whether you take lessons from a professional or fellow golfer, work with professionally produced DVDs or read about different swing techniques and exercises in books or golfing articles, you will spend weeks, months and indeed years working on your swing.

Cure Your Golf Slice – 2 Crucial Tips That Will Eliminate Your Slice Fast!

How to cure your golf slice is a question many golfers would like to know the answer to. If you want to learn how to cure that slice and, do it fast, I have 2 crucial tips that could provide you with the answer.

7 Tips on Becoming a Better Golfer

Mastering the game of golf is not an easy task to do. Anyone can buy the best clubs and look good out on the course but few people know how to actually use the clubs in order to get the best score possible.

Scotty Cameron Putter – How to Hi Polish Your Club

Scotty Cameron Putters are known for the softest and unique feel ever. This is because of the use of milled carbon steel heads. This materials needs to be taken care of because it is susceptible to oxidation and prone to rust if left damp. In order to preserve and maintain the natural finish Cameron Putter’s you have to urged and find ways to hi polish your putter. In fact, there are so many few simple guidelines that need to be followed.

Should You Buy Used Golf Clubs?

With golf clubs being so expensive these days a lot of people look to used clubs as a low cost alternative to get new clubs. But is it the best way to go? Before you invest in used clubs you really need to consider four things.

Can a New Driver Actually Help You Hit a Golf Ball Straighter and Longer

The one desire all golfers have is to hit their drives long and straight. Unfortunately for most amateur golfers this way easier said than done. For many the solution is to purchase a several hundred dollar driver every year in hopes that it will help straighten out their wayward golf shots.

Eliminating Those All Too Common Fat Golf Shots

For many golfers the ‘fat’ shot is an all too common occurrence but, fortunately, it is also something which is not too difficult to cure. A fat shot is simply one in which the club head grounds before hitting the ball so that you end up taking more grass than ball and your ball simply pops up into the air and flies short. So just why does this happen?

President’s Cup – 2009 – “Eagle Soars Over Shark Infested Waters”

Captain Fred Couple’s American Team continues the dominance over Greg Norman’s International Team and wins the President’s Cup for the United States at this years venue at Harding Park. The U.S. has won all but two Presidents Cups since 1994, one ending in a tie in 2000 and the other loss came in 1996 when the Internationals beat the American Team handily 20 -1/2 to 11-1/2 respectively.

Golf Swing Practice Time Can Improve Your Score

Obviously, it is critical to the success of your game to get in some golf swing practice time during the week. If you can’t get away to the practice range of the driving range why not just practice at home?

Let the Big Dog Eat

Set it high and let it fly, Grip it and Rip it…these are a couple of my favourite sayings in golf. But my absolute favourite is ‘Let the Big Dog eat’. If you’re not sure what that’s all about.. well it’s basically hitting your golf ball with your Driver. When you smash it long and straight there is no more satisfying shot in golf.

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