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Scotty Cameron Futura Phantom Baby T Grip Product Review – The Secret Behind Its Name

Scotty Cameron is considered as a blessing in the world of golf. They were known for creating exciting products and golf accessories. With Scotty Cameron’s range of golf grips and equipments, it adds up tons of colour, excitement and thrill into the game. One of the most popular Cameron putter is the Scotty Cameron Futura Phantom Baby T Grip. In just a little span of time, this putter has already gain popularity. In fact, this was become popular to most tour players across the world. This putter has so many great features that attract most professional and first time players.

Advantages of Playing Golf on Synthetic Greens

Artificial grass has been around for a while now – over fifty years. It was first developed to help people in cities get more exercise, and has been through a lot of changes. The first synthetic fibers were made in the 1950s by a subsidiary of Monsanto.

Finding the Best Golf Swing Tempo

Finding the best golf swing tempo is one of the things that many players have tried to embark considering the fact that almost each and every great player has the ability to swing each club at quite a comfortable tempo. If you really want to achieve the best swing tempo, then you got to understand that both balance and rhythm are linked, and its when you achieve balance is when you achieve rhythm in that order.

Driver Golf Swing – How to Perfect it

The following tips are meant to make you know how to position your put for a better and improved driver golf swing. It is undisputed that driving is one of the most important aspects in anyone’s game of golf at any time and so you should know that although a strong straight drive that lands on the fairway every time is a better way to reduce or lower your handicaps, it does not come that easy.

Mastering Golf Tee Shots

Making a great tee shot is not only important for your score but gives you confidence for the rest of the hole. This article provides some crucial pointers to maximise the result from all your tee shots.

Online Golf Lessons – How to Perfect Your Swing

Online golf lessons can help you save time and money. The problem is you need the right kind of lessons. Read this article to find out about the basics of golf and also learn about other online golf lessons that can help you improve your game and lower your score. Read this article, today!

Improve Your Golf Swing With Golf Swing Trainers

Practice makes permanent, not perfect so when it comes to practicing your golf swing make sure to use the right tools that will ensure you are practicing correctly. Learn about golf swing trainers, how they work and how they can help you get a better golf swing!

Green Reading Myths – The Single Break Myth

Many golfers assume that a golf green tends to break in only one direction. This is a myth. In reality, most greens will have a number of different breaks, and each one can dramatically affect your putt in different ways.

Golf Terminology – Understanding Golf Lingo

Whether you’re new to the game or if you’ve been golfing for years now, golf terminology may be somewhat bewildering to you. Especially if you’ve only taken up golfing recently, you’ll definitely want to learn a little more about the lingo used by players. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of how the game is played – and you’ll sound like you’ve been playing for years!

How to Cure Your Golf Swing Slice

A golf swing slice is rarely the intention of a golfer, and unfortunately it happens so often to most beginner golfers because of a lack of consistency in their swing, even professional can sometimes face this same problem. How do you address this problem when it can even happen to the best of the best? More often than not, addressing this problem can be easy once you understand how it works.

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