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Choose the Right Set of Tees

Play from the set of tees that fits your skill level to have more fun and shoot a better score. Here’s how to decide.

The Basic Strategy of Golf

Golf is a game that you play. It’s more than being able to hit shots. Hitting the ball well doesn’t make you a good golfer; getting the ball in the hole does. That calls for strategic golf. The two most important rules of strategy for recreational golfers are…

How to Play Par 3s

Par 3s are sneaky holes. You can get a par or a double bogey by playing them the right way or the wrong way.

How to Avoid the Blow-Up Hole

There are two reasons for blow-up holes. One is playing into trouble when you don’t have to. The other is getting out of trouble the wrong way.

Be Your Own Caddy

There’s no need to throw away strokes because of bad thinking. By stepping outside of yourself you can make better decisions about which shots to hit.

Ball Position

The position of the ball before is a critical part of your setup. It can mean the difference between a solid shot and a miss.

Aim and Alignment

Why did your ball head off to the right? That’s exactly where you were aimed, that’s why!

The Mental Game of Golf

The mental game of golf is subtle. It depends on proper visualization and being able to continue the feeling thus created until the ball has been struck.

5 Major Advantages of a Golf Swing Aid

Are you eager to boost your golfing scores? If so, then you should think about using a golf swing aid. These instruments can aid in enhancing your game in various ways.

How to Grip a Golf Club

The key to a good golf swing starts with knowing how to grip a golf club. There is no one right way to do it although there are some definite wrong ways to go about it. The important thing is to understand your own grip and how it affects your swing. Then you can make changes to fix any problems you are experiencing. Here we will tell you about some basic grip styles and also discus ways to make changes to fix common problems.

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