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Electric Trolleys – Purchasing and After Sale

Buying an electric trolley can be very expensive and for most people it can be a long term purchase. Getting it correct is essential. Electric trolleys have to go miles over hard running surfaces and for most of them it is through heavy rough.

Have You Mastered the Golf Swing?

Learning how to play golf correctly was at one time only possible by taking lessons with club professionals. This is not the case any more. Instruction can be obtained from many other sources.

Why Golf Bags Could Be the Ideal Gift For Your Dad This Christmas

Golfing is a very popular hobby these days and with so many accessories and items available it’s hard to know what sort of things will be ideal for your dad this Christmas. If your dad is into golf and really enjoys it then it could be worth considering golf bags as a gift this year. Most of the time, you’ll find exactly what you need with ease but it’s worth thinking about everything before you buy.

Next Generation Golf Aids – Weighted Golf Club Trainers

Weighted golf club trainers are next generation gold aids that are scientifically engineered to train you to swing in the correct golf swing plane with the correct timing and tempo as well as help you build your golf muscles! Learn about these unique golf trainers and how they can help you hit longer, straighter more accurate golf shots!

Autographs of Golfing Great Bobby Jones

Bobby Tyre Jones Jr. is acknowledged by many as the worlds greatest amateur golfer. Autographs of Bobby Jones are coveted by autograph collectors in recognition of one of the greatest of all sports heroes.

Are You Having Fun Playing Golf?

I’m not going to write about golf equipment or tips or anything else for that matter that can help you improve your golf swing. I would like to talk about something that is really thrilling to me to be witness of. Have you ever taken part in a 300 game in bowling or hit the perfect golf shot resulting in a hole in one?

Why You Need Indoor Putting Greens

Improving your game is largely about one thing: practice. It can’t be stressed enough, especially in regards to your putting. Do you keep an eye on the number of putts you make in a round of golf?

Best Golf Swing Trainer – Dual Hinge Golf Trainer

Significantly improve your golf game by learning how to instantly identify flaws in your golf swing with a dual hinge golf train. Learn how they work and how knowing exactly what your mistake is can help you improve your game that much faster!

Best Golf Swing Trainer – Dual Hinge & Weighted Golf Swing Training Aids

In order to improve your swing and overall golf game, you need to train to the correct technique and be able to identify your mistakes so you can focus on those mistakes in order to get rid of them and input that correct technique into your game. Golf aids such as dual hinge and weighted golf trainers can help you achieve correct technique and identify mistakes. Its not easy and it takes practice but golf trainers form a basis from witch you can work and improve upon.

Chipping and Putting Tips – Take Advantage of Your Club Choices

Your wedges and your putter. These are the most important clubs in your bag because these are the clubs you use for most of your shots in a round of golf. Probably 50 to 60% of your overall score results from your use of these clubs.

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